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Starting today, you can get #AndroidAuto in your car with your #Android 5.0+ phone and compatible Pioneer head units. Available in US, UK and AU: Stay tuned for more partners coming soon!
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An Interview With Google CEO +Larry Page
/via +Financial Times  #google   #future  

What's coming next from Google? "Even Google’s famously far-reaching mission statement, to “organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”, is not big enough for what he now has in mind."
Wouldn’t the world be a happier place if 90 per cent of the people with jobs put their feet up instead and left the robots to do the work? Why didn’t the last house you bought cost only 5 per cent of what you paid for it? And is there any reason why
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50 Google+ Tips 
1. Create A Killer Hovercard:
2. Sharing to Circles vs. Publicly:
3. Google+ Communities:
4. Share Your G+ Posts on Other SM :
5. Report Issues With G+ or Suggest Ideas:
6. Create A "Save For Later" Circle:
7. Add A Large Image To Your Post:
8. The Various G+ Keyboard Shortcuts :
9. Share Someone Else's G+ Post :
10. Create A Mini Blog on G+:
11. Host A Google+ Hangout:
12. Leave A Wake of Value-Add In Your Path:
13. Take Control Of Your G+ Notifications:
14. SEO Your Google+ Posts:

15. How To Find Things On G+:
16. Formatting For Beautiful, Engaging Posts:
17. How To Disable Comments & Shares:
18. Attract More Comments With Gifs & Image Posts:
19. Start A Conversation With Someone :
20. Create An Event Using G+:
21. Enable Automatic Hash-tagging:
22. Don’t Give Up At The First Hurdle:
23. The Benefits of Link Shorteners:

24. Understanding Ripples & Using Them To Your Advantage:

25. What Not To Do On G+ (Part 1):

26. Edit Posts - Did You Know You Could Do That?:

27. Choose The Best Link Thumbnail For Your Post:

28. Start Building Your Author Rank:

29. Link G+ To Your Content With Authorship Tags:

30. Curate & Streamline Circles for Awesome News Streams:

31. Use Eye-Grabbing Headlines:

32. Use Google Drive With Google+:

33. Track Circle Shares With CircleCount:

34. Be Awesome With AutoAwesome:

35. Build Your Following By Watching Hangouts:

36. Overcome Difficulties With Plus-Mentioning People:

37. Write Posts That People Are Actually Looking For:

38. Use ‘The Google+ Effect’ To Improve Your Twitter Experience:

39. Learn How To Use Images Appropriately & Legally:

40. Learn To Schedule Posts With +Do Share:

41. Build A Community Around Your Passion:

42. Optimise Your Profile/Page/Community For Search:

43. Share Beyond Your Circles & GPlussers:

44. Blocking & Muting People - As Simple As It Sounds?:

45. Extend The Life Of Your Best Posts:

46. Merge Multiple Google+ Profiles Together:

47. Using Your About Tab More Effectively:

48. Posting Multiple Photos Per Post:

49. Use Google+ ...Every Day:

50. What Not To Do On Google+ (Part 2):

Google+ Toolbox ->
Google+ Top Trending Questions ->
Google+ Help Tips -> 

#plus3   #googleplus   #googleplushelp   #googleplustips  

My Top/Best Google+'s posts ->
About +Denis Labelle ->   #DenisLabelle  
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+moty levy , thanks for the reshare.
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Pieces Of Yesterday -- Cleveland, Ohio
“The present changes the past. Looking back you do not find what you left behind.” 
-- Kiran Desai, The Inheritance of Loss

A tiny leaf on the floor of an old industrial building near downtown Cleveland...

========================= « § » =========================

For #leavesonthursday +Leaves On Thursday Curators +Anne Durand +Stephen Thackeray +Ray Bilcliff +Mehdia Ridder, and #hqspmacro +HQSP Macro curated by  +Terrie Gray +Robert Vierthaler +Albert Vuvu Konde +Stefanie Schächtel, and #Macro4All  by +Bill Urwin, +Thomas Kirchen,   +Walter Soestbergen (+Macro4All ), and #macromaniacs for +MacroManiacs and +Sandra Deichmann, and the +Breakfast Club / #BreakfastClub, curated by +Gemma Costa...
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Happy Passover to everybody celebrating!
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Check out APPY Geek on your Smartphone !
Speaking at the 30th anniversary TED event in Vancouver earlier this week, Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page hypothesized a system that would ma...
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On September 15, 1997 —  17 years ago — Larry Page and Sergey Brin registered “” as a domain. The registration occurred almost a full year before the young men received their first investor’s check to launch Google. In 1996, when Larry and Sergey were beginning to develop their search engine, they called it “BackRub” — because it analyzed the web’s “back links” and because it connoted a less stressful, relaxing way of finding the information searchers were seeking. As the search engine rapidly improved, Larry wanted a more formal name to describe the search service’s colossal task of organizing and prioritizing the world’s massive quantity of growing information. 

According to David Koller in the Stanford Computer Science Department —
Larry's office was in room 360 of the Gates CS Building, which he shared with several other graduate students, including Sean Anderson, Tamara Munzner, and Lucas Pereira. In 1997, Larry and his officemates discussed a number of possible new names for the rapidly improving search technology. Sean [Anderson] recalls the final brainstorming session as occurring one day during September of that year [1997].

Sean and Larry were in their office, using the whiteboard, trying to think up a good name — something that related to the indexing of an immense amount of data. Sean verbally suggested the word “googolplex,” and Larry responded verbally with the shortened form, “googol” (both words refer to specific large numbers). Sean was seated at his computer terminal, so he executed a search of the Internet domain name registry database to see if the newly suggested name was still available for registration and use. Sean is not an infallible speller, and he made the mistake of searching for the name spelled as “,” which he found to be available. Larry liked the name, and within hours he took the step of registering the name “” for himself and Sergey (the domain name registration record dates from September 15, 1997).

Image credit:
Google Archives
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Google Toolbox
Blogs, YouTube, G+ Communities, G+ Pages
1. Google Blogs 
News, features, tips, training and more
. YouTube Creator:
. YouTube: 
. Think With Google:
. Online Security:
. Enterprise:
. Google:
. Gmail:
. Mobile Ads:
. Inside Search:
. Inside AdWords:
. Inside AdSense:
. Google+:
. Webmaster:
. Translate:
. Shopping:
. Google News:
. Earth & Maps:
. Nonprofits:
. Drive:
. Commerce:
. Cloud:
. Chrome:
. Google & Your Business:
. Analytics:
. Agency:
. Android:
. DoubleClick Advertiser:
. DoubleClick Publishers:
. DoubleClick Search:

2. Google Products Forums:
. AdSense in English:
. Blogger:
. Chrome Administrator Forum:
. DoubleClick for Publishers: 
. DoubleClick Rich Media:
. Gmail:
. Google+:
. Google Ad Grants Help Forum:
. Google Affiliate Network:
. Google Analytics:
. Google and Your Business:
. Google Apps:
. Google Books API:
. Google Business Sitebuilder:
. Google Calendar:
. Google Chat:
. Google Checkout Merchant:
. Google Chrome Forum:
. Google Commerce Search:
. Google Currents producer Help:
. Google Custom Search:
. Google Docs:
. Google Drive:
. Google Earth:
. Google Fusion Tables:
. Google in Education:
. Google Map Maker:
. Google Maps:
. Google Maps Engine Lite:
. Google Merchant Center:
. Google Mobile Help Forum:
. Google News:
. Google Search Forum:
. Google Sites:
. Google Tag Manager:
. Google Translator Toolkit API:
. Google Voice Forum:
. Hangouts:
. Nexus:
. Picasa:
. Postini:
. Sketchup:
. Webmaster Central:  
. YouTube:
. YouTube Monetization:
. YouTube Partners:

3. Google on YouTube
. Google:
. Google Help:
. Google Top Contributors:
. Google Security and Privacy:
. Google+:
. Google Chrome:
. Chrome Help Center:
. Google Webmasters:
. Google Maps:
. Google Earth:
. Google Android:
. Google Nexus:
. Google Play:
. Google Glass:
. Google for Entrepreneurs:
. Google and Your Business:
. Google Engage for Agencies:
. Google Mobile Ads:
. Google AdSense:
. Google AdWords:
. Google Analytics:
. DFP for Small Business: 
. DoubleClickBusiness:
. Google Consumer Surveys:
. Google Enterprise:
. Google Maps for Business:
. Google Watch this Space:
. Google Creative Sandbox:
. Learn with Google:
. Think with Google:
. Google Ventures:
. YouTube Creator Academy:
. YouTube Curriculum:
. YouTube Help:
. YouTube Advertise:
. YouTube Creators:
. YouTube Spotlight:
. YouTube Live:
. YouTube for Nonprofits:
. Google for Nonprofits:
. Google Art Project:
. Google Earth Outreach:
. Google in Education:
. Google Green:
. GoogleOrg:
. Google Cultural Institute:
. Google Idea:
. Google for Media:

4. Official Google Communities on G+
. Google+ Help ->
. Google+ Your Business ->
. Developing with Google+ ->
. Google TV ->
. Google Art Project ->
. Google Cultural Institute ->
. Google Drive Developers ->
. Learn with Google for Publishers ->
. Google+ YouTube Integration ->
. YouTube Creators ->
. YouTube Analytics -
. YouTube Google+ Integration -
. YouTube Creators -
. Google Play ->
. Life at Google ->
. Advanced Power Searching ->
. Mapping with Google ->
. Online Marketing 101 ->
. Nexus ->
. Google Giving ->
. Chrome Developers ->
. Android ->
. Android Developer Tools ->
. Android Development ->
. Android Design ->
. Google Science Fair ->
. Project Loon ->
. Google Government ->

5. Google on G+ (circle):

6. Google Services: 

7. Learn with Google:

8. Google Support/Help:

9. News from Google:

10. 15 years of Google:

11. How Google dominates the Web:

12. Google Now
. Google Ecosystem:
. The Google We Always Wanted:
. Understanding Google:

13.  Google Online Courses (MOOCs)
. Power Searching:
. Advanced Power Searching:
. Mapping with Google:
. YouTube Creator Academy:
. Introduction to Web Accessibility:
. Digital Analytics Fundamentals:
. Google Developers Academy:
. Explore and Master Chrome DevTools:
. Google Developer Live:
. Learn with Google:

14. Google Blogs & Google Support Forums - A Complete Resource List:

15. Google My Business (NEW)
Introducing Google My Business <- click

16. Google Account Settings
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+moty levy , thanks for the reshare.
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Importing Web Data into Google Spreadsheet

Did you know you can import tables available online directly into +Google Drive? That can be done using the ImportHTML function on  Google Spreadsheets and will save you a lot of time. The image below shows how to do it (source
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A fresh new look for Google Play

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