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Would you rock the Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Trans Am-inspired, Camaro-based LTA?

Read more about it and see more photos here:
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love the retro look....Trans am Rocks
Joe S
they are trying too hard.  the firebird has more finesse.  that front end looks like crap; you can't have square headlights on that, or if you do 'em make sure they are below the curve of the design for the front fender. 

i love the firebird; my first car was a '68.  hope they bring it back, just not this version.
Front end looks very awkward and out of place. I like the idea, but not the look.
Nice body work prefer the Bandit nose '78? Other colors ? Blk/Gold, Red/Gold, white/Red?
Top seller would be '70 big mouth bass front end. See Ponch or Dale Jr!
Would like those rims for my Nissan hard body...Lol
Lingenfelter Performance= Yes
Trans Am-inspired Camaro= Ugly, no way
Well first off GM you killed Pontiac so what's the point unless you are going to bring the company back then I would say kick ass
Ya cars ugaly.... and agree somewhat. John lingenfelter is an icon for going fast but now the sons run it and the past five years Idk if they have bin up to par...
You related to Larry Fitzgerald?
wtf... thats a mustang mixes with a 1970 trans am but the grill has been modernized.
Nice!! I wouldnt hesitate to hop in this with the top down cruzzin down the pacific coast....
"ешь ананасы, рябчиков жуй день твой последний приходтит буржуй", вешайся тупой пиндос, Сенди только цветочки...!!!
Ahhahhahahahhahaahha SENDI!!!!!SENDIIIIIIII!!!!! Uhahauhahauhahauhaha
I rather have a year one trans am Burt Reynolds addition
Give me the burt reynolds model 
* Que
This is so would take unique person to buy One.

Jeff G
Front end is too blunt. Looks like a Dodge. 
Does resemble a mustang..eeewww
EB Trey
if ur gonna GIVE it to me, sure
Beautiful monaro. Ugly comaro. Fugly transam. All just down hill
Ya I would ride the living hell out ta that car and then hand it down to my kids. But by the time I hand it down to my kids they will be like dad all the other kids have flying cars. That run of solar power , where am I gonna buy gas?
The trans-AM look a lot better than that car! Smokey and the bandit! :-P
I find that to be incredibly unattractive
Америкосы хоть и без мозгов, тачки делать умеют, а главное все же что они (америкосы) без мозгов
Да на ней только по стритам разъезжать........до Владика как Калина не дотянет......
I don't like the look.. Am I the only one?
а мне не нравиться, из Камаро фигню сделали...-1
This is it! This is exactly what I asked for! Now if I can just work for Lingenfelter so I can afford one...
its a square type of car i want it lol
Come on Guys Remember Smoky and the Bandit of the sweet car that Bandit drived
What do you mean Jermey what is wrong with the Pontiac Noshab can you help Jermey with the difference of the cars please
oh its its i don no ciasai miami car cool
Anyway, in China, I haven't see this before. Great!
And if this shows up at a car lot and has a good price so many people are really buying crazy if it shows up on a car lot
I like,I hope and pray that my money comes soon,and god guides me to enjoy this life with. The time I have left @ 45 percent from 57;so those that no the prayer ,pray for health and strengh.
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