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The +Hurst Shifters Trans Am was one of our favorite vehicles from this year's #SEMAShow

Check out our full Top 10 and tell us what your favorite is.
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I'm torn between the Mach 40 and that sleeper Mercedes Benz.  How cool would it be to pull up at a light in that unassuming Benz and then blow the doors off somebody?
mach 40 is coolest ride from Vegas 2nd place will go to dodge challenger 
They can't build a Trans-Am without the Pontiac division coming back!
I FREGGIN LOVE THE FIREBIRD gm should bring it back for special production!!!!
Holy fuken cow!!!! I just peed my pants!!!!!
Blast from the past!!! Bring it back.. it's what's in...
Cool, a concept car for a company that's not in existence anymore! 
Dummy... must I break it down for you..
My friend just said that it's a Chevy knockoff... is it true??,

this car is nice too but I love art that I have the money to buy season not easy
I'd like to see more views of this.
One Bad Ads Baby's got an 02..with the Balls Out kit..
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