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Thread of the Day: What Cop Car Should the #California Highway Patrol Have Picked?
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I would pick the Lamborghini Estoque.It has 4 doors and is really fast.
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I think it's the right choice; I can out-run that thing on my unicycle.
How about a Prius or Chevrolet volt? Perfect for the left coast.
left coast
why do you call it left coast
Should've gone with the Camaro.
Maserati sedan, they're fast and badass!
School bus. Perfect disguise.
Half the cars listed don't have the carrying capacity let alone four doors. I think Ford should have re tolled the Taurus better for the weight requirement.
How about an SRT-8(Jeep), ABOUT 1100 HP (with NOS) evading police will decrease by half.
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