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Whoops. Hyundai/Kia are forced to readjust their MPG claims downward after an investigation by the EPA. Does this change your opinion of the Korean automakers?   Find out more about #MPGate here: 
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Ouch. This is going to bite them, don't know how much though. As long as the vehicles are good (The Genesis I test drove once, and rode along in at an autocross) has my vote.
Found that out the first week after I bought a Kia Sorrento this summer.
In an age where everyone is suing everyone, a class action should be done if we can't return our cars without penalties 
Did +Motor Trend Magazine do anything other then report the false MPG numbers when reviewing these cars?  Road tests and recommendations included real world MPG numbers?  The evidence of the Hyundai fraud was obvious (see; did you seek out anything to support your readers?
My 2012 Kia Soul doesn't quite achieve the mileage I'd expected.  My biggest complaint is the lack of a spare tire as standard equipment.  A can of tire sealer and an electric air pump are included instead, both of which were absolutely useless after a factory tire blew out at about 3,500 miles on a remote stretch of Interstate 20 on a Sunday afternoon.  Even so, I do like the Soul and would consider another Kia.
I have not achieved promised MPG driving 2010 Mazda6, and I can't achieve  promised MPG driving 2013 Hyundai "Sonata". But I can compare real MPGs of both cars: Sonata runs 2 miles more on the same gallon ( 22.4 MPG vs. 24.8 MPG combined) 
You all should have bought Scion way more car for your money. 
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