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or the Mondeo or are they one and the same?  I like the Ford's design direction lately.  it's more eurocentric vs whatever they feel Americans actually like.  So I take it this car is competing agains the likes of the A4?
For a Fusion? Ha ha ha ha ha! Knock 10 grand off and we will talk.
Looks bad ass. I'd take one. Granted I am biased... I do own 2 Fords which have never let me down (F150/GT500).
more expensive than before
Looks like a freaking Aston Martin!
Nothing in that article would make me say yes.  Good looking car, but not for me.  
Or for the same price I can get a well equipped wrx limited that will out perform it in everyway. 
+Brandon Thompson hats off to u sir. I have two fords: 2000 mustang convertible and a 2010 taurus (business car) love it. But u have my dream car gt500. I'm hoping to get the 2015 version since it will be the futuristic version. Can't wait.
Holy crap cars are getting expensive! You can get a fully loaded Civic for $25k! 15 years ago, a Camry or Accord went for that much.

Anyways, Ford please make a Fusion SHO! I think that would be a great sleeper.
Great look, but way over-priced... Ford can't produce its first decent looking passenger sedan in years and instantly price it with entry audi and BMW. Needs to be under $30K to compete I think.
sure. The exterior is extremely well done for a company like  Ford. It has a combination of looks from BMW, Astin Martin and other top brands. Considering it is a hybrid I would pay. I do say that competitors like the camry hybrid are a bit cheaper but $36k is ok. Anything more is a rip off.
No, but I would like to have a chance to buy one of those Ford M......, something diesel powered cars that I see when i'm in Europe.
I would prefer to buy Dodge srt 8, V8

The Accord is around 25,000 and lasts forever. I'd much rather have it than this
The Fusion starts in the low $20's (just like before). The additional pricing comes for a number of options that were previously unavailable. About 5% will hit the $35k mark. 
I would rather have an STI or a Golf R for that kind of cash...
Just get a base model, get a quality set of wheels, bag it, and then we're talking.
if you're going to spend that kind of money get a REAL car from Europe... dont mess around with bottom of the barrel toy American crap
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