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Two white knights about to do battle. Which one is your money on? #BestDriversCar
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1) I want a +Nissan GT-R
2) That Mercedes (?) spoiler is oogly.
Tom Z
Race? Hmmm GTR. I would love to have either or those in my garage though!!!!
GT-R will get off the line quicker, but I bet the merc will catch up
what ask for one, clearly the c63 amg
GT-R baby. The black edition has some power. But the GT-R ain't no slouch. It will mince it off the line and through corners. Long straights are the only place where the black could have any advantage but I'm not even sure if it will.
+Chris Pournaras , if you think the black is tail happy because of clarckson, then you should reconsider the car. If not then sorry to waste your time
The C63 is a Beast, but Godzilla is... well, Godzilla! GT-R #1
Two different cars - the Mercedes has the nicer interior with good performance, while the GT-R offers great performance at a competitive price.

Personally, it's the C63 Black Series for me! That engine noise and exhaust are intoxicating!
GT-R would take the win, but I would get the Merc because nothing beats RWD for fun.
Since there are no corners, I'd say the Merc...but if by chance there were corners, the Mercedes would slide off the track and off into the desert, and I think maybe, just maybe...the GT-R would win? xD
No one's asked the important question... who is driving?  Clone Schumacher and put him in both and have him race himself and it's the GTR.  Put me in the GTR and him in the AMG and it's the AMG.  Also, how curvy is the road.  Straight drag?  GTR.  Skilled driver in the RWD AMG and it may be a toss up.
who was following  on my way to work
most ppz on GTR ... hmmm.....  AMG pls
The GTr it beat the 911 so GTr is where the money is
Gtr, especial if jotech has gotten anywhere near it. :D
gtr sucks like garbage because its made by nissan
Actually that's not really true...look up the gtr after jotech gets a hold of it.
yeah not because it's made by nissan it's just a little punk looking for attention
Still I think its pretty cool, i would still rather have a subaru wrx
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