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Been doing some work with the Asus UX302  Ultrabooks to better support Linux. Over the past week or so, I have figured out how to get proper video resolution, working function keys, and suspend working using 3.14 mainline kernel on Arch Linux.

See the thread here if you are interested:

UX302LA and UX302LG

Post has attachment comment was censored (removed) on the WSJ! Unless my eyes are deceiving me, my comment was removed sometime yesterday evening or overnight.  After posting, my comment was quickly getting several thumbs up from readers and I must have hit a sore spot.  I merely pointed out how AOSP and the Linux kernel are open source making Android itself as a full fledged open source OS.  I then explained that only the Google apps and services layer was proprietary and not part of the open OS itself.  I explained how the open source OS itself would be much more likely to end up in new devices (refrigerators, cars etc.) than would the popular competitors because their OS AND app layers were closed source. Why not explain that Android is still the most open and flexible mobile OS out there? It would have been nice if the article would have been more balanced and pointed these things out for the reader.  Even though the article's content is truthful, it becomes more of hit piece that puts doubt in the minds of folks that don't understand the big picture, how Android works, and how much more closed their competitors really are.  

And to think that the the European Commission is considering this model "problematic" because a company designs and gives an OS away for free and then optionally charges for a software layer to use their services. This is insane and idiotic. Success is not allowed anymore. These regulators are out of control.  Instead, they should be looking into the monopoly of the media companies and the unfair and unbalanced job these conglomerates are doing across the board.

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Dig what the auto awesome feature did to this pic. Should have posted this one instead of the original.
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We're ready Ion, bring on the heavy stuff!

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Here is how I was able to get my Acer c720p Chromebook touchscreen working in Ubuntu 13.10. 

[ Update: please reference the guide for C720P and Ubuntu 14.04 by +Luka Birsa available at: ]

[ Note: This is not needed in Crouton since it runs on top of the ChromeOS Linux kernel. It is only for native Ubuntu or Ubuntu derivative installations using SeaBIOS direct boot, i.e. Cntl-L ]

Disclaimer: This is considered experimental, please proceed at your own risk! Installing Ubuntu on your Chromebook is not supported by Google.

*Jay Lee's ChrUbuntu for newer  x86-based Chromebooks and Haswell devices. In particular, the following script is what I tweaked to build the proper kernel modules:
*Google, since I simply plucked the necessary driver source from their Chrome kernel repo.
*Benson Leung for his already ported haswell patches.

What does it do?
1) Downloads the current kernel source from Ubuntu into your temp folder.
2) Patches the kernel with Benson Leung's haswell i2c-designware-pcidrv.c patches.
3) Replaces the atmel and chromeos_laptop drivers with the latest source from Google's source.
4) Compiles the kernel modules and installs them

1)  I used the haswell ChrUbuntu install script to install Ubuntu on my Acer c720p:

Note: While I used ChrUbuntu to do the install of Ubuntu, the following script should also work on manual installs of Ubuntu 13.10 to get the touchpad and touchscreen working.

2) Download the script

3)  Make the script executable (terminal command line)

$ chmod a+x

4) Run the script (uses sudo and will prompt for a password)

$ ./

5) Reboot

6) Please report back and give feedback.

#Acer   #c720p   #chromebook   #Ubuntu   #ChrUbuntu #haswell   #linux  

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motley slate commented on a post on Blogger.
I now have a working touchscreen in Ubuntu 13.10 for the Acer c720p Chromebook! I will post instructions after I run a couple more tests. Jay Lee, the ChrUbuntu master, should easily be able integrate this into his script if he wants since I have simply tweaked his kz917j script. Besides ChrUbuntu installs, this method should be able to be used for native Ubunutu installs on this new Haswell Chromebook to get the touchpad and touchscreen working. The touchscreen works in Ubuntu 13.10 Unity, but might not work with all desktops or other Linux distros.
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