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Morton's The Steakhouse
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Morton's The Steakhouse

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Showin' off our grill marks. #Mortons  
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Morton's The Steakhouse

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Morton’s The Steakhouse in Uptown #Dallas is now open for Lunch! For reservations:
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This is my letter to Mortons....I had a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!

Thursday February 11, 2016

TO: Morton’s Restaurant
435 S. LaCienega Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90048

FROM: Herbert Stanback

RE: Intolerable Racism and Racial profiling At Morton’s Beverly Hills on 2/11/16

Dear Morton's, this morning I was invited to  the Solid Fire Storage for Architectures For The Modern Data Center with Howard Marks and Jeremiah Dooley, morning breakfast. 

First and foremost, I had great anticipation in coming to this because I have never experienced breakfast at Morton's. I have been at Morton's several times and every time I have been there I have enjoyed it immensely. I truly consider Morton’s to be one of BEST restaurants one can ever go to and enjoy.  Exceptional wait staff and food.

However, this morning of February 11, 2016 I had one of the worst experiences in my life while being in a restaurant and NOW my opinion of Mortons has changed.

I was invited to attend this special breakfast and was given an email confirmation (that you will see attached to this email). I also was given a name badge once I checked in with the hostess… (again you will see attached to this email).

I came with a very good friend of mine who is also a colleague in this industry. And we both sat at the same table and immediately we felt as if we were outcast. I myself being a black gentleman, felt very displaced, when one of the “guests or moderators,” of the morning would only talk to my friend who is Indian.

This older “white” gentleman, would not look me in the eye, thus purposely ignoring my presence. I thought that this was unprofessional and rude to treat someone like this…so early in the morning.  
Now, Around 9 o'clock in the morning, (after my friend and I have now been at Mortons since 8AM), my friend had to step out and take a business call.

 About 90 seconds after he left, the hostess (working for Mortons OR Solid Fire…I’m not sure), came in and singled me out asking for my “business card?”

This was the “most bizarre” action of the morning because I had already been there for an hour and she NEVER asked for a business card when first arrived.

 As a black man I'm highly offended in a room with mostly white people, I WAS THE ONLY PERSON SINGLED OUT TO BE ASKED ABOUT MY BUSINESS CARD???

 This hostess NEVER came into the room to ask anyone any questions or ask for business cards? I’m disgusted, emotionally broken, angry and I feel I was treated in a way in which the individuals at “Solid FIre” felt as they were “Superior” to me because I’m a black PROFESSIONAL MAN!

So, Why was I singled out?

This morning breakfast was invitation only. I fulfilled the terms of their criteria for myself being selected and I do not know why I was treated in such a prejudicial manner.  I would NEVER expect this type of racist behavior to be happening at Morton’s!

As a company and a franchise you should be embarrassed of yourself that you would allow people to rent your venue who have such indignant, closed minded racial attitudes and prejudices against a professional minority —- such as myself.

There was no excuse to single me out and asked for my business card??? This was merely done because someone at this event “looked at me and was judging me based on my look, style and color of my skin.  I do “feel” “they” felt that I may not be someone who is educated enough to be a part of this industry and be a part of this morning seminar here at Morton's.

When the girl asked for my business card, I did not feel the need to give it to her because I automatically knew she is BEING A RACIST and she's using her prejudice in order to validate if I am someone who is worthy of being there. 


I told her, “I will go to my car to get the business card.”  But in fact, I just quietly left because I was so hurt and humiliated!!!!1

Once I left, I immediately told my friend what happened, and he was also insulted and as a result he refused to go back and enter this breakfast meeting. 

We both felt demoralized, simply because we felt this was also a networking opportunity to meet other people in the industry. We wanted to stay in hopes of working with other people and meeting other people and which we've never met before but we do have a common interest in technology.

You should take more measures interviewing or reviewing who you allow you to rent your facility because it does say something about YOU as a company when people are racially mistreated on your property.

I do expect a response from you and if I do not I will go all over social media and tell everyone about how I was treated at Morton's and tell them, to question themselves and “ask” if they were treated in this manner, would they continue or would they ever step foot into Morton's. 

I'm sure you do not want this turning into a big social media Circus, so I assume that you will handle this in the best way possible.

Mr. Ebert S.
Phone 619 512 9613
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Morton's The Steakhouse

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All About The Treats On Halloween with a $35 3-course menu*.

*At participating locations only. We will also offer Power Hour all night long on Halloween at participating locations, please call your local Morton's to check availability.
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Not sure, William! We posted this on Oct. 29, so it's weird they would email you.
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Morton's The Steakhouse

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You don’t want to miss out on our $25 Ribeye and Rioja deal! Enjoy our Ribeye Sandwich + a glass of Palacios Remondo, “La Montesa”, Rioja* today through Sept. 29.

*Not available in Toronto, Biloxi, San Juan, Mexico City or Asia locations. Available in bar area only. Can’t be combined with any other offers or LSC points.
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Morton's The Steakhouse

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Last Chance to reserve your #Lobster for tomorrow!
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Morton's The Steakhouse

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Don't eat your screen after seeing these photos from the #Houston Signature Chef Series.

#Steak #Lobster  
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Morton's The Steakhouse

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January is National Meat Month, and we certainly know how to celebrate. 

*Not available in San Juan, Toronto, Mexico and Asia locations. Biloxi will offer Anatomy, Cabernet Sauvignon. Available in bar area only.
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Morton's The Steakhouse

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We’re thinking Steak instead of Turkey this year. #Thanksgiving

At participating locations:
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I think that's awesome 
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Morton's The Steakhouse

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#PrimeSelections now available for a limited time!

Click here for menu and dish descriptions: 
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Morton's The Steakhouse

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4 days left to enjoy our $40 3-course menu:
HOME ABOUT US CAREERS MORTON'S VIP LANDRY'S SELECT CLUB PRIVACY POLICY Our Restaurant: Menu | Locations | The Experience | Private Dining | Special Events | Gift Cards/Store Our Community: Join Mailing List | Contact Us Our Family: Trevi ...
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Morton's The Steakhouse

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Prime & Wine your Monday with a great combination! $21 for our Morton’s Prime Burger & Glass of Sbragia “State and Rush” Merlot.

It’s only available from Aug. 11-17*, so hurry in!

*Available in select locations. Available in bar area only. Restrictions may apply. Not valid with any other offer, discount or promotion. Landry’s Select Club points cannot be earned or redeemed with this promotion.
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Morton's The Steakhouse

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3-course menu for $40 until Sept. 14? Count us in*.
(Menu includes salad, main course, side and dessert options)

For menu choices and to make reservations:

*Not valid at our Anaheim, Atlantic City, Boston, New York Fifth Avenue, San Francisco, Toronto, Mexico City or Asia locations.
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