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macOS software - Application pour le macOS - macOS toepassingen.
macOS software - Application pour le macOS - macOS toepassingen.
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Do you like this image effect too ?

This is how you can realize this easily with maWatermarker 1.3.0:
Use the same image as your watermark.

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maGalleryCreator 2.3.1 available at the appStore:

- Checkbox added to hide the Lightbox caption.
- The large lightbox images with rounded corners can now be saved as lightweight jpg files too.
- Bug fix on file type of thumbnails.

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We just released maWatermarker 1.3.0

New in this version:
- Fade out transition on watermark image
- Font style italic
- Adjustable font outline thickness

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maGalleryCreator 2.3.0 now available at the appStore !
Temporary: 45% OFF

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How to create this beautiful effect with maWatermarker ?

1. open an image
2. choose the same image as a watermark
3. set opacity of the watermark to 15%, Render: Darker
4. ad a shadow with the warm color of the main subject: the hotel
5. apply the watermark at 100% of the original picture
6. apply the line screen filter, with screen size: 36, sharpness: 0.90

maWatermarker: much more than a watermark utility !


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maFileRenamer at the top off most popular “renamer” applications in the US AppStore®.*

Get maFileRenamer now at $1.99

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Try piQtility 4.9.3 for free, download at:

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How many time does it take
to create a responsive web gallery like this ?

A responsive grid, containing a responsive lightbox.

Let's say:
You have 60 jpegs, 1.5MB each.
You have a decent Mac.
You make use of maGalleryCreator

About 15 seconds !

An example can be found on:

Perhaps worth downloading quickly:

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We just released piQtility 4.9.3

For all of you who already have a license of piQtility:
This version contains a few fixes, code enhancements and GUI improvements.
Notice that piQtility 4.9.3 no longer support bulk upload to iPhoto, the outdated photo management software of Apple. Instead, full support to Photos (successor of iPhoto) is garanteed !
Minimum macOS requirement: macOS 10.10.

For all of you who do not have a license of piQtility yet:
Until April the 30th 2017, you can get piQtility at -25%.


The Moon-App Team


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NEW maGalleryCreator 2.2.0:

Enhanced lightbox, even responsive !

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