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moksha yoga square one
Hot #yoga studio w/ variety of drop classes to get you sweaty, #flexible + #strong. #Mississauga #mokshayogasq1
Hot #yoga studio w/ variety of drop classes to get you sweaty, #flexible + #strong. #Mississauga #mokshayogasq1

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Come out and Support our Little Warriors Kids Yoga!

And experience an afternoon filled with fun and #yoga  with your #family  
HOW MUCH? $7 per family - donation

WHAT DO I NEED? mat, water-bottle & SMILES! (*free mat for kids to use)....OH and your family!

WHO IS IT FOR? 6-10 years old.....OH AND YOUR FAMILY! (Parents must stay and PLAY!)

#kidsyoga   #yogaforkids   #mississauga  

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Get Your House in Order! New Moon in Cancer
By: Sheena Ewan, Raw Redemption

That’s what this new moon is saying.

The new moon in Cancer peaked yesterday, July 4th at 7:00am ET, but the energy of this new moon has been building ever since the Grand Cross which began in near the beginning of June. Plus the Gemini new moon of June 4th, and Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Chiron all retrograde it is no wonder we are all reorganizing our relationships for our security.

The last time the new moon in Cancer fell on the 4th of July was 1997, and more recently on July 2nd in 2008. You should be able to look back at those times and reflect on the similarities or patterns your “home” situation. Your home can represent many things – your actual home, apartment/condo, shelter. Alternatively, your home can represent your body, your car, your work, and the finances used to sustain your lifestyle…

What were you dealing with in 1997 and 2008? Do you have the opportunity to make a second (or better) choice or to learn from the choices you made in ’97 and/or ‘08?

To take it even further, you may be seeing the next steps to build that “safe and secure home” – however that might show up for you.
The Grand Cross (GC) affects everyone in a different way but this one affects the mutable signs most poignantly.

What are the mutables signs? These are the signs that herald the change of a season:
- Gemini represents spring blossoming into summer
- Virgo represents summer transitioning into fall
- Sagittarius represents fall giving way to winter
- Pisces represents winter opening up again to spring
All of these signs are masters at “pivoting”, which can be seen in the way each sign handles challenges.

This new moon has a bit of a chaotic energy to it, or didn’t you notice?
Everyone is going through something and it’s not just you!

The KEY to managing this new moon is to use the structures you’ve already put in place (or at this point, you might sorely need to) to support you whether that is financial budgets, exercise/diet, home and living arrangements, taxes and support payments… In order for you to maintain your equilibrium, take a look at the hints you’ve been given recently.

Where do you need to start your “clean up”? You should have been getting “signs” for the past month, so it’s likely that you have an idea.
Don’t know? Well, lookie here:

Cancer – this new moon is taking place in your first “house” of self, the spotlight shines on you and all that you do, this is personal, your way of doing things, how you act

Gemini – this new moon is taking place in your second “house” of earned income, what you do to make a living, how your income is tied up in your self-worth and if you feel your finances match your worth…

Taurus – this new moon is taking place in your third “house” of siblings, cousins, neighbours, neighbourhoods, short distance travel, commuting, transportation, communication, chatter, emails, phone calls…

Aries – this new moon is taking place in your fourth “house” of home, security, foundations, shelter, trust, home of origin, the mother, possessions…

Pisces – this new moon is taking place in your fifth “house” of sex, children, creativity, love affairs, fun…

Aquarius – this new moon is taking place in your sixth “house” of habits, routines, daily practices such as eating, exercising, diets and meditation, daily work…

Capricorn – this new moon is taking place in your seventh “house” of partners and partnerships whether in life, business or love, the “other half”, a significant other

Sagittarius – this new moon is taking place in your eighth “house” of other people’s money like taxes, insurance, bursaries/scholarships, government payouts, loans and debts, life and death, sex/rebirth…

Scorpio – this new moon is taking place in your ninth “house” of spirituality, higher learning, academia, faith, long distance travel, immigration/migration, truth tellers/seekers…

Libra – this new moon is taking place in your tenth “house” of career, status, corporations, organizations, success in the world, the CEO, the pinnacle…

Virgo – this new moon is taking place in your eleventh “house” of friends, groups, associations, unions, clubs, gatherings, teams…

Leo – this new moon is taking place in your twelfth “house” of secrets, things you do behind the scenes that other people don’t know about, psychological processes, skeletons in the closet…

Now that you know where your focus is for this Cancer new moon, take a few moments to write up to 10 wishes, dreams or intentions that highlight your topics.

While writing your intentions, be mindful of when the moon is Void of Course. The moon goes Void of Course every few days when changing signs. It’s not a major transition, but much like a retrograde planet, it’s not the time to implement anything new or major for the most successful results.

Before 2:29am on July 5
Between July 5 12:28 pm and July 7 8:06 am
Between July 7 6:41 pm and July 9 11:28 pm

Once you’ve written down your intentions, keep them in a journal or a special place where you can go back and look at them at least once a week. At the same time, you should be creating “easy” actions to do that will help to activate the energy of what you’re intending to create.

Looking for more info? Get an astrology reading on the month’s energy and what’s coming up for you!
Book a 1.5 hr Trinity reading (tarot, astrology and energy work) for $120 until July 31, 2016 at www(dot)rawredemption(dot)ca

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We all get a little anxious here and there, but sometimes that anxiety can become overwhelming. Whether you’re pushing to get through your coursework or your job is making your head spin, the constant worrying and stress can take a toll on your wellbeing.

During this workshop you will learn:
- The root cause of anxiety
- What makes some forms of anxiety management work better than others
- The most effective methods to manage anxiety

Presented by: Renu Arora, Co-creator of the Trigger Release Method
Cost: FREE - but please register

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Offering a pretty sweet #discount   for high school, university or college #students.  Get $100 off an Unlimited Summer Student Pass that will let you do as much #hotyoga   as you want from June 1 - August 31, 2016.

Get yours online here: and enter #promocode   STUDENT16 at checkout.

Fine Print:
- No holds or extensions permitted
- Must have a valid student ID that includes an expiration date
- A copy of your student ID needs to be emailed to to activate your pass.
- This pass cannot be refunded or transferred to another student.
- No further discounts can be combined with this offer.
- Offer good until Friday May 27, 2016

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Why Give Back as a Community?

Here in the West we are very luck and privileged to have such easy access to education on many different platforms. Around the world, there are countries who are struggling to survive let alone have access to education.

Have you ever thought what your life would be like without an education? What if you couldn't read your favorite book, write your thoughts and feelings down, study your favorite subjects or play music? These things we know as being common are dreams of lives so precious and innocent. Everyone should have a right to education and that's why I say it's time for some ACTION!

Through Evoke Passion Project a team of 10 motivated individuals are teaming together in order to raise a collective $10,000 to fund building a school in Nicaragua through the support of Free The Children. Each individual will be raising $1,000 in order to make the team goal and help educate 100 deserving children.

Evoke Passion Project's priority is to nourish every single soul involved and help elevate the world through the education of children.  Free The Children empowers international change. Encouraging individuals to come together and be the change. We make this change through our holistic, sustainable international development model and connecting individuals to their higher self.

Please come out and join me on my journey to raise $1,000 to help fund build a school in Nicaragua.  I am hosting a Yin Yoga class on Sunday May 15th 2016.  This class will be an hour long candle lit practice accompanied by live music and essential oils!

The class is pay what you can or what we call a karma class.  All the donations from this class will help me reach my goal of raising $1,000.  Every $10 donated helps directly funds one child's education.

Your participation and donating will not only elevate yourself but will be helping elevate children and put them on the path to obtaining sustainable education. Or think of it as giving a priceless gift to 100 children. 

For me that knowing there is 100 awaiting souls ready to live, learn and grow into their true self with a little support - puts a huge smile on my face.   Won't you join me?

By Indy Sandhar, Moksha Yoga Square One Instructor
#yinyoga #yogaeverydamnday #mokshayogasq1 #fundraiser #givingback  

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Are you looking to connect the dots between what you learn on your mat and your life?

Our yoga practice cultivates a level of peace, alignment with our intentions and establishes a foundation for personal growth. Yet when we leave our mat the distraction of life pull us in multiple directions.

In this special workshop lead by Trish Sikand of INVIBE, we will tackle some of the following:
- Getting out of your own way
- Conscious/Subconscious relationship
- Wonder words vs Toxic words
- Replacing our negative thought patterns

Cost: $15.00 + HST
#mississauga   #workshop    #personalgrowth   #selfdiscovery  

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Take a special candle lite Yin Yoga class with Indy in support of Free the Children. Check out Indy's post about why she gives back to the community
#yoga   #yingyoga   #fundraiser   #mississauga  

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The Comfort Zone: The Obstacle We Ignore
by Trish Sikand, INVIBE Founder

The comfort zone...the place where you feel safe; where everything is familiar; where nothing can go wrong that you can't handle; where you can safely function on auto-pilot; where you don't have to be fully present; where you can do just enough to get by... This is what life is all about, right?

We get used to routines and what's familiar, and we start to believe that this is where we feel our best, where we feel safe, where we develop a sense of guarantee around our own little world. We trick ourselves into thinking that tomorrow will be there just like today. We have our job to go to, our co-workers to chat with, meetings to attend, emails to answer, family schedules to manage, and the list goes on. We become so consumed with routine that it dims our sparkle, our inner light.

What happens when something comes in to shake things up?

Often we wait until we are forced outside of our comfort zone, rather than take that leap on our own free will. But why? Most people, when asked their most defining moments in life, will give an example of when they were forced outside of their comfort zone. This is where growth occurs. I know for myself, this is true. My biggest strides in growth have happened after I stepped out side of my comfort zone, voluntarily or not.

I would not be where I am today had I not been let go from a job almost 3 years ago. At the time, I was devastated, embarrassed and humiliated. I would have never dreamed I would be let go from a job. I was a star performer and successful on the surface, yet miserable underneath. So in some ways, I asked for it. I asked for it everyday in the dread of going into the office, no longer willing to sell my soul in order to play the game, or participate in office politics, but I was also stuck. Yet, I told myself that it was comfortable. My flexible schedule, some fun co-workers and great perks in the role I held masked the reality of the opposite.

Looking back now, getting let go was one of the best moments of my life. The Universe heard me, heard my desire, and answered. Maybe things didn't play out how I had envisioned, but I believe everything happens for a reason. It laid the ground work for the next three years to unfold. It forced me on a path to do what I love instead of what I thought was expected of me, or I expected of myself. It forced me to face my truth and not just settle for the lack of inspiration I faced daily.

So if stepping out of our comfort zones is actually good for us and allows growth, why do we get so wrapped up in keeping everything the same? Why do we resist change? Why do we trust in a false sense of security? In reality, it holds us back from our truest potential and letting our light shine.

Sometimes the decisions are made for us, as in my situation, and sometimes we can choose for ourselves. It isn't easy to feel vulnerable, to feel discomfort, to be surrounded with the unfamiliar, but this is only temporary. We build strength and day by day we grow and reach for more. Ultimately, we were given life on Earth to have a human experience; a full and beautiful human experience; to enjoy the ebb and flow of life; to learn and to grow. Maybe it’s a job you took with the intention of it being temporary or a stepping stone, and fast forward 15 years later, you are still there; or there have been organizational changes and you are forced into a new role that's unfamiliar; or maybe you truly want more but just can't justify giving up your safe and comfortable environment.

The bottom line is, it’s your comfort zone that could be holding you back, but there are some steps that you can take to break free:

Face your truth – we must be honest with ourselves about what we like/dislike about ourselves; what makes us happy and what doesn’t; and what has held us back in the past...yes this can be painful at times, but only once we face our truth can we truly grow.

Allow yourself to feel vulnerable – let go of any walls you have built to protect yourself and allow yourself to really feel your raw emotion.

Embrace the unknown and unfamiliar – there’s a whole world out there ready for us to explore and build on the foundation of knowledge we already have.

Walk through the fear – make fear your friend, for your true potential lies beyond it. Fear exists in everyone, and we won’t achieve our true potential without facing it and walking through it to the other side.

Make small changes – Much like a seed in soil, growth happens gradually… Whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly, baby steps over time add up to unimaginable transformation.

We all have it in us to creatively direct our next move, to skillfully write the next chapter in our life.

If you want to step outside of your comfort zone, and want more information on how INVIBE can help, please visit our website at for more information on our services and upcoming events.

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How a Yogi, Mom and Lover of Life Feel in Love with Essential Oils
By Suzanne Kenchington, Moksha Yoga Burnaby and dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

Until 2 years ago, I thought essential oils were perfume like stuff my friend would diffuse that would cause sneezing fits. Then one summer day, a dear friend from Arizona showed up at my house with her 3 kids and a big box of dōTERRA essential oils.

At the time, my kids had all the marks of a fun summer – all kinds of bites, sun burns, fungus, sore throats and allergies. Then along came my expert friend with an oil for literally everything and in a week changed my life. I now use the oils to clean, cook and support my family's health. We have gone from being those people who used to catch every bug to those people who never get sick.

Essential oils embody the regenerating, protective and immune strengthening properties of plants. I quickly learned not all essential oils are clean and pure - even though they may say 100% natural! Unfortunately, the vast majority of oils produced today are purchased for their aromatic qualities. So they are processed quickly and lack most of the chemical constituents necessary to produce therapeutic results.

I love dōTERRA oils because they are actually pure and ethically amazing. dōTERRA sources oils from its indigenous land, so the Frankincense is from Oman and Sudan and the Vetiver is from Haiti. They also send each liter of oil to a 3rd party lab to ensure 100% that it is clean, pure of fillers, chemicals and pesticides.

dōTERRA works directly with the local artisans to ensure the oils are grown and harvested correctly. They also have created an initiative called co-impact sourcing to ensure that proper business practices and being used, staff are paid fairly and healthy working conditions – all so that the business helps grow the community.

In Haiti, the sourcing of Vetiver have helped the artisans create over 4,000 jobs which economically impacts well over 100,000 people and the list of countries is long. Instead of giving them charity this business concept is creating dignity.

I hope you will join me for my Essential Oils 101 class at Moksha Yoga Square One, where we open the bottle (so to speak) and I share my own amazing experience with the oils. My goal is to share these amazing gifts of the earth with the world they are more than I ever could have imagined.


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Spend some quality time with mom on Mother's Day by taking her to a #FREE #yoga class at Moksha Yoga Square One.

NOTE: You must be a Moksha Yoga Square One Member (ie. monthly pass or single visits) to be eligible for this promo.
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