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moi dudzki
fashion, fashion, fashion then review
fashion, fashion, fashion then review

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Different Ways To Style Your Black Long Sleeve Maxi Dress
       There is no denying it—there is nothing more elegant than
wearing a black dress. Black is an all-time favorite of many women because of
its slimming effect. Plus, it has that undeniable charm that not any other
color has.                 If you have ...

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Big word. Simple meaning. Two connotations. That is the word "contented" for me.      You do not find true happiness if you cannot be contented with what you have, but you cannot reach milestones and try to achieve more if you are contented with what you al...

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Korean, bangkok, thailand
And other high quality fashionable items
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nothing impossible

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simple dream of me comes to life.
there were really no impossible when we start moving..
#living   #houses #homeimprovement  

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Dreams do Come True
    I always dreamed of having my own house. Even if it is small. Living in a different boarding house for over a decade is comfortable but too expensive.     This year, 2014, that one simple dream was accomplished. I have made that little dream of me come ...

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Zalora first ever "Pop-Up" Shop
If shopping is at 50% off on your favorite brands, will you resist? haha got yah, see?  Have you heard of Zalora? The number one shopping online in the Philippines! It has reaches us by offering the best brands online. Now Zalora is getting physical. I may ...

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moidudzki shop shoes collection
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collection of beautiful flowers taken from the Park of Baguio City
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