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Mohammad Lafi
Digital Marketeer, Entrepreneur, & Tech Activist
Digital Marketeer, Entrepreneur, & Tech Activist

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For an AI-driven market leader of search with control over the second largest search engine on the internet today; +YouTube. Google is doing a ridiculously bad job at making sense of search queries on YouTube and displaying relevant videos.

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Looks like +Medium have eventually decided on a subscription model for readers, 5$ per month, worth every penny!

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An excellent piece about the ecommerce opportunities in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region.

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"This step by step guide will use a combination of Google Analytics and Facebook Insights" #GoogleAnalytics

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"We’ll then look into who’s a customer and who isn’t, and the behavior of each group on our website"

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An excellent read for guest bloggers out there!
Why Guest Blogging is The Best Inbound Marketing Strategy (A Data Driven Answer)

Ever wonder how content can improve your lead generation? Discover the power of guest blogging.

Have you given guest blogging at try?

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Building a digital persona using Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

Hello, Digital marketer from Jordan here who's been mostly focused on Inbound tactics, recently focused on Adwords and a few days away from getting certified as a Google partner. Thank you for the invitation, I look forward to talking to all of you soon :)

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"A more recent marketing tactic that was proven successful as well. Single page websites that do not appear to serve much of a function, that pay little attention to #SEO and more attention to a page’s social sharing potential, designed to provoke an emotion so powerful that’ll make you drop everything you’re doing and share it with a coworker or a friend. Coupled with the right subtle call to action, those pages can accomplish so much more in so little." #ContentMarketing #Inbound

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