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Mohammad Aljobairi
Android is everything in the world !
Android is everything in the world !

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Hello Adele ! 

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We’ve just released a new version of the Android Testing Support Library

This is mainly a bug fix release which includes fixes for Android Marshmallow, JaCoCo Code Coverage, Test Sharding and a more reliable way to close and synchronize with the Android software keyboard. For a comprehensive overview of the new features and fixes please refer to our release notes[1]. To get started with the latest version of ATSL, follow these instructions[2].

With this release we’re also announcing the deprecation of Android-Test-Kit [3]. We created a brand new website[4] dedicated only to ATSL. This website contains documentation, samples, downloads and more. Our support forum has also moved to a new home and can be found here[5].

The samples on github[6/7] have been updated to reflect the latest version of ATSL. New bugs should be filed against our new component on the AOSP bug tracker[8/9] and last but not least, we have a new logo, yay :-)

Happy testing from the ATSL team +Stephan Linzner, +Nick Korostelev & +Jose Alcérreca

[1] Release notes -
[2] Getting started -
[3] Android-test-kit -
[4] ATSL github page -
[5] Support forum -
[6] Testing samples -
[7] Testing blueprint -
[8] ATSL bug -
[9] ATSL feature -

#androidTesting #buildBetterApps

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Chrome custom tabs: smoothing the transition between apps and the web

Android app developers face a difficult tradeoff when it comes to showing web content in their Android app. Opening links in the browser is familiar for users and easy to implement, but results in a heavy-weight transition between the app and the web.

You can get more granular control by building a custom browsing experience on top of Android’s WebView, but at the cost of more technical complexity and an unfamiliar browsing experience for users. A new feature in the most recent version of Chrome called custom tabs addresses this tradeoff by allowing an app to customize how Chrome looks and feels, making the transition from app to web content fast and seamless. Learn more in our latest blog post.

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My favorite part is the bump to the left that maintains the optical perception of the circle
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We've just released Android Studio 1.3.2 to the beta channel (and 1.4 Preview 3 to the canary channel) with a handful of fixes and additional Android Marshmallow support.

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Now that #AndroidMarshmallow is out of the bag, see how its sculpture was made! #natandlo
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