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I got 38 likes last week, a new personal best so Respect is obviously a popular topic. The Year 8 students, Ms Michele and I are going to present an assembly on that topic soon.

This week I thought I'd write about assessments, examinations and reports. Last year we asked parents to evaluate the reports we provided and the feedback was extremely positive but because we have so many new families it seems like a good idea to explain our approach here.

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Principal's Blog 

I'm looking forward to seeing our High School parents on Wednesday between 2:30 and 6:30 during their parents' consultation meetings. Primary and Early Years parents' meetings are the following week. 

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The two Parents' Information Sessions last week were extremely positive and supportive, so thanks to everyone who attended. Teachers are sometimes nervous before meeting groups of adults, even though they are so experienced in talking to groups of children, but the staff enjoyed meeting their new parents and felt encouraged by the positive feedback they received. It is also helpful to receive suggestions about how we can continue to improve and I appreciate the constructive comments that parents made.

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On Tuesday, we had a Mad Science event for Years 4-8. The students were suitably baffled by their inability to burst a balloon on a bed of nails and impressed by the rainbow flame produced by the combustion of methanol. Thanks to Ms Lathika Vinod for organizing the visit which was great fun as well as informative and interesting.

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Principal's Blog

It's finished! The KG2 classroom block is now complete and our students will move in on Sunday. It has been disappointing that we have had two weeks in a temporary home and I would like to thank all of the KG2 students, parents and staff for their co-operation. The staff will be at school all day on Saturday getting ready for Sunday, so thanks especially to them.

Our co-curricular programme is starting now and next Monday sees our first sailing group set out from the Bahrain Yacht Club. Follow the link below for more details. There are still spaces available so contact us if you would like your child to join up. The sailors must be aged 9 or older.

Today our High School girls enjoyed football after school and one parent sent me a funny photograph of one of the girls sleeping when she got home, obviously exhausted by the exercise!

On Tuesday next week, Ms Lathika has organised a Mad Science event for years 4-8, which promises to be interesting and enjoyable.

As you can see, the term is really up and running now.

I am heading home to England for the weekend as it is my son's 21st Birthday. How fast the years go by! I will be back on Sunday morning, though I might be a little bleary eyed.

Have a lovely weekend.

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Principal's Blog

Well the first week is over! For a while I felt like the pilot of a plane loaded with more passengers, luggage and fuel than ever before, hoping we would achieve lift off before we ran out of runway, but now we are airborne. What a relief!

Our new High School students and their teachers had a fabulous week and I was delighted to get such positive feedback from parents about this. These young people are leaders in our School and they acted as great role models with their uniforms, behaviour, positive attitudes and hard work. It is so impressive because so many of them were new to us. 

In Primary our new Leader, Barbara Beattie has immediately started to help colleagues improve the way they implement our Ausvels Curriculum and all students are being assessed to see where they are now in relation to the Ausvels standards. This will enable us to set targets and measure progress throughout the year. 

Our Early Years children and staff have had the extra challenge of our delayed building programme. I've been in to see progress over the weekend and the roof is now on, the bathrooms are ready and we are nearly there. Thanks to all parents for your patience and support which is greatly appreciated. A special thank you to our KG2 teachers, Danielle Natoli and Aisling Kinsella for remaining so positive and making the children feel at home in their temporary rooms. I believe the KG2 children are calling their new building their castle and have asked if that makes them princes and princesses! I like that.

It took us a few days to get fully to grips with the number of children taking school meals and using the buses. I apologise if there was any inconvenience but I think that we are up to speed now. This week we will be asking you about after school activities, including something that I have been keen to get going since I arrived: sailing lessons at the Bahrain Yacht Club! 

Have a great week!

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Principal's Blog

Hello again, everyone!. I hope that all of our Facebook friends, and there are 6,576 of you now, have had a great summer. I had a lovely trip home to England, where it was even sunny for a few weeks, and I also visited beautiful Madeira, a tiny island in the Atlantic. 

I was able to keep in close touch with School and the two main things I was working on were the recruitment and arrival of our new staff and the many changes to the buildings. I'd like to thank publicly the team who remained at MNS-B throughout the summer to make sure that we will be good to go on Sunday. Ian Murray the property manager had no time off and a great deal to do so a special thank you to him and his team.

Last week the teachers were all in for our Professional Development and Induction Week. I am absolutely delighted with every one of our 17 new recruits. Not only are they all highly qualified and experienced they are all inspirational people and they have already bonded into a great team. Our new assistants (we have 19 now!)have also demonstrated high levels of skill, care and initiative. As a result, I have every confidence that MNS-B is going to have a very happy and successful year. 

Our new Science Labs look great and are waiting for our first High School .students. Our electrical work has made enough progress so that you will not notice anything at all, but for much of July and August most of the playground and paths were replaced with trenches as the cables were replaced. The Sports Court is at last fully shaded. 

I regret that our KG development is not complete after the builders had a problem with their supplier in Dubai. I have written to KG2 parents about the temporary arrangements we have made for next week but all of us will be inconvenienced by the continuing closure of part of the playground. It will be worth it in the end!

I know that today, very nearly 400 children and young people are nervously and excitedly for the start of term. I'm excited too about welcoming you all and about the year ahead. I want to thank everyone who has made MNS-B such a tremendous success so far and wish you all an enjoyable and rewarding school year 2014-15. Let's go!

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REMINDER: Our first 'Parent's Advisory Forum' is this Wednesday night (25th June) at 6pm. If you are an existing parent or your children are starting in September you are welcome to attend but please click join on our events page so that we can properly cater to the event. Many thanks and we hope to see you Wednesday night.
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To celebrate French Day, the children of the Multinational School made crepe's, paper pomp poms, banners in the French colours of Red, White and Blue, Mock ups of French perfumery, and learned French songs.

Many of our children took the opportunity to get a t-shirt printed with the Eiffel tower, and they wore these for French day.

Our older children created posters in Art and made replicas of famous French monuments.

We had guest professional chefs join us in our school restaurant 'Le Petit 338', to assist our student's in making crepes.

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Mr Tansey congratulating our students on their fabulous achievement at the inter-school cake decorating competition last weekend.

Mr Tansey wanted to surprise our students once he had heard that the grand prize winner from MNS-B had generously donated his voucher for a night at the Ramee Grand to a family in need.

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