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Are you, or is someone you know, in the military? 
Tweet @MLS a picture of you in your favorite MLS Gear using the hashtag #CelebrateFreedom & your role.

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Thankfully I don't know anyone who murders brown people just because someone in a matching uniform told them to.
+Joseph Greene, that's a bit harsh...whether or not you agree with the administration or the reason we're at war, soldiers serve with honor to protect the country and our freedom, though the concept and definition of freedom may be quite subjective and fleeting...
Soldiers know what we're doing is illegal and unconstitutional and still willingly murder people just because they are told to.  That's not honorable or worthy of support in any way.
+Joseph Greene ...then maybe you should go on over and live there..see how long you last.  Obviously you don't appreciate your freedom here.  Also...keep your wanktard politics out of sport you fuckstain.  This is about the beautiful game...not your anti-military agenda.
Hello red herring, that has nothing to do with murdering random people just because someone in a matching outfit told me to.  There's a reason they're the bottom 10%.  There's a reason someone like Pat Tillman was "accidentally" killed in an ambush that nobody else died in and then his personal effects all destroyed once he spoke out against the despicable garbage that was going on and the idiots that were the rank and file murder military.
Ok conspiracy theorist.  Go troll elsewhere.
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