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We're hours away from the launch of the new MLive
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Cant wait!

If you get a chance, there is some great live music by +Laith Al-Saadi going on across the street from your A2 offices right now at Bar Louie. Take a break. C'mon over.
Thanks for the invite. There are many Laith fans in our office. Guess we'll need a new sign.
Re: Greenpeace protesting MSU "flawed" energy plan:

Our civilization faces far greater challenges than cutting co2 emissions caused from burning coal. Al Gore not withstanding, there is NO empirical data proving man-made production of co2 is to blame for global warming. While climactic change may be occurring, what causes it is debatable. One thing for certain, though, if you graphically illustrated all man-made co2, industrial pollution, etc. & compared it to naturally occurring & represented it as the Empire State Building, man-made could be represented by the linoleum on the 1st floor, & naturally occurring, would be the rest of the building...I mean from the beginning of the industrial age.
Yet the contrary is what is largely espoused & taught through our school system......of which MSU is a part. Ironic! Now they are protested against for not doing enough.
Perhaps, they did too much!?
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