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Shocking news out of the Vatican this morning. What's your reaction to hearing of the Pope's resignation?
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My reaction? Shock, like everyone else. Then, to pray for Benedict & the Church. Then, to pray for the election of a pope who will end the crisis in the Church - a crisis of faith brought on by the 2nd Vatican Council, a council steeped in  Modernism ( the synthesis of all heresies) which has wreaked havoc on all our Catholic institutions through the Masonic principals of the (French) Revolution; liberty, fraternity, & equality. Principals which guide the diabolical disorientation of the Church and it's false ecuminism, it's collegiality of bishops,(never intended by Jesus when he instituted the papacy) etc.. 
I pray for a complete restoration of tradition throughout the Church, which WILL happen when the pope consecrates Russia collegially with all the bishops, to the Imaculate Heart of Mary, as she asked at Fatima.
If Benedict does not do this before he leaves office, then I pray we have a new pope who will as soon as he takes office, for the situation  I fear, is very grave. 
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