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So, Facebook is forcing me to change my extension's name and web site because it includes the word "Facebook". I wonder if Google will do the same if I use (which I own)? On the contrary, it seems like they have welcomed extension authors and not threatened extensions like "Google+ Tweaks", despite Google being in the name.
¿Quien es mas Macho? Google es mas Macho!
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I can understand WHY they did this while still being annoyed that they did.
I would have been upset by this a month ago, but these days my interaction with FB is limited to cross-posts from Google+ through the SGPlus extension. I don't even have BFB installed anymore. I'll probably be weaned from FB entirely by the end of the year. G+ wins.
Well, a name is just a name, and what matters is the script itself. Anyway I must say I'm not much happy about the possible new name. Lol
Do what you need to do; I’m not trying to convince you to invest lots of time and money in fighting this. However, your product does not cause them to lose revenue. If anything, Better Facebook helps to keep frustrated customers who might otherwise abandon the site for Google+. Everything else you do is clearly within the bounds of fair use. You have sufficiently altered their logo to make it a new work and prevent anyone from actually mistaking it for the original logo. It might even fall under the classification of criticism or parody. And screenshots illustrate your points and use only a tiny amount of their product to do so, so again fair use would seem to apply. (Really, the permission you need for screenshots would be that of the users whose content was depicted, not Facebook themselves.) Whatever the case, your product is really great.
If they don't protect their trademark, they lose the ability to protect it in the future, when it may really cost them. I don't blame them a bit. I don't really care what the script is named anyway.
Whats in a name... I don't care what you call it, just let us know so we can keep finding it. :) At least... for as long as I put up with FB in general since more and more I'm getting fed up over there.
Have you made a shortlist of names yet, Matt. I still reckon that SocialChimera is worth considering.
I still like "Book+" - it's an apt description of what the extension does (it adds features to [face]book), and it's a not-so-subtle reference to Google+.
I have to agree "Book+" is an awesome idea.
I had to change "Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures" to "Blank Canvas for Gmail", but I think that was the Firefox add-on site's rule, and not Google's.

+Terry May "FaceLift" is awesome
I wish you could use FaceLIft, but you've said they have indicated you cannot use either Face or Book in the naming ... too bad!
What? They own Face and Book? I think that is absurd. Infringement is a big deal I agree but that is going a little to far. Will be interested in what you go for for a name. Good Luck
I just LOL'ed at "Quien Es Mas Macho" I wonder how many people out there get that reference. Funny!
You think "Face" owned by Facebook is bad, Zynga owns the word "Ville" now. How absurd is THAT?!!
hello Matt,
+Wastl Steinhaeusser had done a good German translation for the SF Wizard - I´m sure he will send you files if you contact him. This would help to spread SF in German language area, cause not everyone here knows English.
I know this is an ancient post but in light of what  just happened on Facebook I came looking for you here. From what I've seen happen to others, as with Facebook, one cannot use the name Google in their product etc. w/o express permission.
Well, we found a way to communicate with Matt until the FB debacle is over, but not everyone is on G+ -- guess we are lucky, if Matt shows up here  lol
+Mari Aldrich I commented here in the hope he at least had notifications turned on and would receive an attention grabbing gmail message! The very least he should do is turn on commenting at his Blog Site so that we might communicate there!
I do have notifications turned on, but this is an old post and not a good place to communicate. I don't use Google+ at all. I won't turn on blog comments because of the overwhelming spam I received when they were on, even with wordpress plugins to prevent it. Not worth it.
Hopefully this is temporary, and the Page will be back soon. Until then, I'm exploring another option to stay in contact with users.
I seriously doubt Facebook is going to change their position. Spam was just an excuse. Yours is not the first add-on that adjusted or otherwise helped users work around Facebook's interface that's had its "Page" taken down arbitrarily. Meanwhile, without commenting turned on there is no way for your users to communicate with you. I only suggested using G+ as a place to run a page as a stop-gap means of communicating with those of us who use both of which there are many. I also sent you a pvt message here but thought this, though poorly placed, might get your attention as well, which it did! Best of luck with facebook! Hope I'm wrong!
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