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Is this still being maintained? It is almost EXACTLY what I've been looking for forever. I want "digital signage" using my Chromecast, and this as close as I've seen so far. I have two questions:

1) Some (most) custom url's don't seem to work. Are there limitations? Most just show a blank screen and nothing else, even though I've verified that the url is correct. I am using the 3-panel layout. Oddly, when I turn off one panel, sometimes the website will show for a second, then disappear again.

2) How is this content being sent? Is it being cast from an external website, where the content is constructed? Or is the Chromecast itself actually doing the work? If I put in a semi-private url to display, does it actually go through the MyCastScreen servers to retrieve?

Thanks for the great app, and I think it definitely deserves to be more than $.99!

Why can't I run multiple versions of Firefox at once? Frustrating.
Start FF11. Test. Close. Start FF10. Test Close. Start FF3.6. Test. Close.
Make changes.
Start FF11. Test. Close. Start FF10. Test Close. Start FF3.6. Test. Close.

"Google Apps for Business" is great. Google+ is struggling.
I wish they would combine the two, and allow businesses to create their own internal, private social network. Only accessible by users in the domain using Google Apps. A "VPSN" if you will - Virtual Private Social Network.

They're not going to beat Facebook in the public social network space. But they could totally dominate the Corporate Social Network space.

I'm working with a company who wants to enable collaboration and communication in a manner that everyone is familiar with. Which means Facebook is the default. We can create a private group there, and (almost) everyone already has a personal account. But we don't want to trust our work-related content to Facebook, nor do we want to blur our personal lives with our work activities.

I'd much rather take advantage of the fact that all users are already on their own Google Apps for Business domain (everyone uses GMail, Calendar, Docs), and they all have easy access to Google+ already. But I can't, because (1) There are no private groups on G+, and (2) there are no virtual private social networks.

This is your opportunity, Google. IMO.

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This is a new Javascript Pub/Sub library I've written. There are some libraries out there already, but they are either over-simple or tied to libraries like jQuery.
This is simple, yet powerful.
If you're writing javascript for a web app/site, you should definitely consider using the Pub/Sub pattern. And when you do, check out my library ;)

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So, Facebook is forcing me to change my extension's name and web site because it includes the word "Facebook". I wonder if Google will do the same if I use (which I own)? On the contrary, it seems like they have welcomed extension authors and not threatened extensions like "Google+ Tweaks", despite Google being in the name.
¿Quien es mas Macho? Google es mas Macho!

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An apple-picking trip on a beautiful October day makes for some good pictures on the family blog :)

So, almost 200 new people have put me in their circles in the last day or two. Have I been hit by circle-bots? Or how did you all find me all at once? :)

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Facebook gets asynchronous following ala G+, as well as control over exactly what content you want to see from each person. In addition to the recent privacy changes, I'd say Facebook is moving fast to pass G+ in terms of features. Personally, I've all but given up on G+ and check it maybe once a week. Facebook wins. For now.

Which do you check first on a normal day? Facebook or Google+?

For me, I only get around to checking Google+ after I have taken care of everything else - including Facebook.
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