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Mitch Thrower
Mitch Thrower is a financier, entrepreneur, author and a 22X Ironman triathlete.
Mitch Thrower is a financier, entrepreneur, author and a 22X Ironman triathlete.

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Post has attachment, the industry’s premier event management and registration platform, and TicketGuardian, a full transactional insurance technology platform, have developed a one of a kind partnership that will offer industry leading insurance and registration cancellation protection. Housed within’s mobile-first, social-integrated registration and ticketing service, this industry leading insurance technology is designed to protect participants and event organizers worldwide.

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1 min video of a moment I'll never forget...

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Thanks Dad (Fred Thrower) for a wonderful tradition and for teaching us that our ideas can change the world. WATCH THE ORIGINAL YULE LOG: Tonight is the 50th anniversary PIXYuleLog, and, right now, PIX11 is airing and streaming the original, long-lost footage first shown on Dec. 24, 1966, and last show in 1969. Most people who saw this did so on black-and-white TVs. So sit back, relax and enjoy the historic holiday video! Share your memories of the Yule Log below. Audio is fixed at the 5min mark.

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Amazing 1 min video from Nike: "When Sister Madonna Buder needed a little extra oomph to complete her first IRONMAN® World Championship triathlon in Hawaii, she predictably channeled the divine. “I thought of the finish line as the entrance to the final finish line, into the Pearly Gates,” she recalls. “That’s what drew me to [it].”

Sister Buder completed that race in 1985, at the age 65. At 75, the American nun became the oldest woman to ever complete an IRONMAN triathlon. At 82, she set a world record as the oldest IRONMAN triathlon competitor. Today, at 86 years old, she has completed over 40 IRONMAN races, each comprising of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run. Her steely resolve has earned her the epithet the “Iron Nun.” Along the way she’s had some setbacks — missing a race finish by a matter of seconds, multiple broken bones, wetsuit issues — but, she proclaims, “The only failure is not to try, because your effort in itself is a success.”

Sister Buder’s introduction to sport came just seven years before her first race in Hawaii, when she attended a workshop on the Oregon Coast that was led by a priest who championed running as a way to harmonize the mind, body and soul. Sister Buder took this creed to the extreme, burning out on the sport before discovering the variety of the triathlon. “That was the salvation,” she declares. Her physical endurance she attributes to listening to her body and maintaining a positive mindset.

“You carry your attitude with you,” Sister Buder elaborates. “You either achieve or you self-destruct. If you think positively, you can even turn a negative into a positive.” Along with this spiritual guidance, she imparts simple, yet easily applicable performance advice to younger athletes: “One step at a time makes a marathon.”"
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Anamique Burcaw's rehearsal dinner speech. Anamique was one of the groomsmen in Amanda & Mitch Thrower's Wedding. We love you Anamique!

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Work hard, play hard. How "playtime" reveals the best in you:  #recess #triathlon #inspiration
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"Orlando is a place that means so many wonderful things to the world. The shared dreams of Walt Disney, our childhood and the beauty of Florida. We can not let the idiocy of terror, rooted in ignorance, fueled by blind hatred, put any stain on Orlando, Florida, LGBT, America or the inevitable long-term goal of knowledge, peace, acceptance, love. We've come a long way from the barbarism of our human history - let's complete the journey away from that insanity. In the last 6 million years of our human ancestry, the 200,000 years of humans on earth, and the 6,000 years of civilization, we have seen countless unnecessary horrors caused by our ignorance and armory. We should refuse to allow terrorism to achieve anything other than highlighting the stupidity of the ignorant attempts to ruin what is inevitable - the success of humanity, compassion, acceptance and love." - Mitch Thrower 

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This video of Muhammad Ali lighting the torch with Parkinson's will touch your heart. "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can't hit what the eyes can't see."

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life."
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