MIT alum and Curiosity team member Bobak "Mohawk Guy" Ferdowsi SM '03 will sit tonight with First Lady Michelle Obama at President Obama's State of the Union address. Find out more:
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See? You don't have to be ugly to be famous in science. ;) Well ... the crying longhaired guy is less known...he should have had pink hair, so now we would know his name ;) ...
Yes, because being noticed is important. Screw the science, let's all have strange haircuts to appease those that don't find science interesting.
I think it a very enriching society when we can be more individually expressive without prejudice to a persons looks. A pretty car on the outside says nothing about the vehicles working performance. 
If the mohawk brings attention to science and/or NASA, why not. Maybe they'll come for the 'hawk and stay for the thumbnails.
Now we need to have afro guy, mullet guy, and pink hair girl on the team.
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