Humans and robots work better together after swapping roles, according to recent research at MIT's Interactive Robotics Group in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). Find out more:
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Technology is the future......
Robots will bring many benefits to humanity but there will also be problems. What will happen to people whose jobs are taken over by robots (presumably robots will be able to do menial jobs in the future)? In ancient Rome after great influx of captured slaves free people had a hard time getting a job because of cheap slave labor. It created social problems that affected unity of a nation.
Yes, you're right, but there are still a lot of jobs robots can't do. At some point in time they'll be made to do any menial job. It's interesting to see how will it affect society. It's like having almost endless slave power. Cheap chinese labor won't even measure to it. :)
This is a good thing, robots taking over menial jobs. This will allow people to shift their focus from mundane monotonous work to new progressive jobs. Staying with the same work provides for a stagnant society. Automation is positive as long as people have the ambition to progress. 
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