Throughout the first semester of edX's 6.002x online course, up to 24 computer servers recorded nearly a quarter-billion user interactions, including 12,000 discussion threads and almost 100,000 individual posts. See what researchers are doing with this and other data:  #onlinelearning   #mooc  
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Oh the pilot 6.002x forums are still quite active! :-)
are there any simmons hall residents willing to give a tour around  july 12-13 this summer
Thank you for edX. great reading - the article. I joined for a course on Community, but cancelled since it was into its 2nd week with points for timely assignments - which is excellent - but thought couldn't keep up. Secondly, I found the videos to be on YouTube which was not/not allowed in here. I am personally for online education for its many advantages, and thank you for the width edX offers,
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