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Some photos I took from my parents deck in Cape Breton ...there's always something to see from shps to baseball games
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We've been to Cape Breton three times over the past five years. The Cabot Trail, the Baddeck area, beautiful. 
Oh indeed! How nice for you! YAY- I am in Sydney... these are photos from North Sydney next to the ferry terminal and above the beach
Did the ferry over to Port Aux Basque as well. People really need to experience that area.
it's a world of its own!
You bet. my wife and I love all of Atlantic Canada, from New Brunswick to The Rock.
I lived in Saint John and Moncton, Halifax ... but grew up here on the Cape :-) I hope you make it down again soon (yeah, we say down)
We're Deciding between PEI and NF this summer, probably PEI because of time constraints.
ah - well, personally I find PEI rather dull ... but but depends on what you like to do I guess +James Barraford

it is a beautiful place to live +Mark Hogan
ah thanks! just snapshots, really ... glad you enjoyed them though- agreed- is beautiful here +Julia Forbes
Awesome variety and beautiful scenery :) Nice collection!
thanks +Tony Escobales all taken from the deck (except the one of the flowers in the kichen) I am having fun with the picasa effects !
That's crazy (that they were all taken from one spot more or less) :)
yes... lol-- well, it's a big deck
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