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Happy Monday 
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People that lack compassion will generally condemn before they accept regardless of the justification.

It's a pity.

May all your Mondays have joy in them.
I think at some point an asterisk got inserted into some people's bible where it reads, "... thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.*"

*Neighbor must be straight, white, Christian, and a legal citizen of the U.S.A. WAC. Terms subject to change. Offer holds no cash value. Must be present to win. No substitutions allowed.
Always read the fine print 
No, you're doing it wrong!  You get the pick and choose which words of Jesus actually matter and you get to decide what they actually mean.  Hence, "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's" actually justifies paying tithes  rather than being a general statement that money is worthless to God.
People can get confused when they are challenged to do things they're not comfortable doing, like thinking critically.
So if Jesus was - among other things - fully human, he must have been so angry at times he swore. I can see this being one of those moments.

When he was turning over tables at the synagogue I'm sure his language was equally colorful. 
ever notice that the most deplorable, ignorant, uncultured, intolerant whacko extreme fundamentalist christians in the world are from the US?  The irony is, this very small minority doesnt even know their own religion and beliefs. That may have to do with their prohibition of education, its not allowed, apparently
+miriam dunn I wish I was surprised about Heather's response about this image on FB. People are so misinformed about their own belief systems...and you stirring the pot! LOL!
I have never stirred the pot at FB -- I am spreading my wings! lol
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