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A #PocketPoem for all the complainers today ~

Take your pithy platitude
and shove it up your attitude
Each day's not a diamond, to be sure
One day I'm a speck of sand
lost upon a dying land
the next day, I am swimming from the shore

I'm always all that I can be
and when breathing is enough for me
I don't need you to tell me I should blow
If lying in my bed awake
is just about all I can take
I shall find my arrow and my bow

And, careful, aim at your knee caps
you better run, my cheery chaps
and take your sunshine with you when you go
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Correction: "If laying in my bed awake"
should be "lying"

I could not resist teasing you :)
This one rang out in my head with kind of an urban beat.
I like it. But it should be "lying in my bed" (I'm putting on my armored kneecap protectors now...)
Is that a slightly veiled Skyrim reference in that last paragraph?!? ;-)
oh dear -- +Elle Gray can you tell me if it should be lying or laying? ( or had lain heehee)
To Lay is transitive, in that the subject does it to another object.
To Lie is intransitive, in that the subject does it to itself.

Present tense.
"I lay the book on the table."
"I lie in bed at sunset."

Past tense:
"I laid the book on the table."
"I lay in bed at sunset."

"I am laying the book on the table."
"I am lying in bed at sunset."

The confusion happens because lay is used for both present transitive, and past intransitive.
lol-- no - I do get lay vs lay (lie) mixed up but moreso the "lay" as in place something with "lay" as in lay onself down. I ACTUALLY made a post about tit one time- figured if I teach others I would remember myself grrrrrr
appreciate the correction!
sent out my "lay vs lie" post for you :-)
I am all about the granting of licenses lol

You know what I hear all the time that does bug me though? The subjunctive mood- not because people use it wrongly but b/c they don;t know -- If you use "IF" or "WISH" it is followed by "were" -- "If I were a rick man" ... "I wish I were 18 again"
I love the subjunctive. It's elegant. :-D
LOL you changed it! I feel a lot better now. And if anyone is in the mood for poetry, Friday is my wife's birthday, and I discuss birthday poems on my blog that day. Um, here's a link to a discussion of lay and lie with the aforementioned wife. I'm not going to load everybody down with links, but if you follow that link, then do a search for "poem" you'll find a couple. Miriam's poems are deeper than mine are, though.
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