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miri dunn
Author of Who Will Love the Crow; maker of hats; writer of poems; lover of life; user of semi-colons.
Author of Who Will Love the Crow; maker of hats; writer of poems; lover of life; user of semi-colons.

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If you are a writer interested in places to submit for publication, contests and competitions, discovering literary journals and blogs, industry news and writing tips and more, please follow me at +Literally Literary with Miriam Dunn 

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That look! Who wore it best?


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Get ye a man that looks at you the way Trump looks at Trudeau


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my hyperbolic Drama-driven
Histrionic Public livin’
Pretend there is a shit your givin'
Every pain we are relivin'
Right before your eyes

Just sign up here
Welcome to now
When struggles are bolstered by applause
Confessed and back-slapped
Nodded at knowingly
Reviewed glowingly
Raise a glass to all who have been abandoned
For our flaws
Bedded and bitched at
Broken and back-stabbed
Join my morbid celebration
My destroyed expectation
My complete exhilaration
At misery
Look at me!

Welcome to now
Join my community
of illness
My competition of ache
My contest of pain
My family of discontent
But first let me explain
How much I suffer
I don’t want your pity
But, yes, I do
I don’t want your sympathy
I just want you
To understand
Every discontent I feel
Join my community
There is nothing I conceal
And you can confess, too
To all the things that bother you

A shout out to the invisible torments that
once were endured with quiet dignity
And grace
Now they headline and wrack before your very eyes
And in your face
Here is my incontinence
Here is my broken heart
Here is hoarding and aching back
And not to keep you in suspense
Here is my decay
Here are my childhood memories that left me crippled and insane
Look at me! Here is my pain

Welcome to now
Our personalities paraded
as though they are coming out from being shamed
Look at me! I am an introvert! I loved a narcissist
I chose wrong; I’m not to blame
Look at me! I struggle while you ignore my temperament
And misunderstand my anxiety
I have something I can’t name
Someone left me
Someone hurt me
Someone has told the truth about me
Behind my back
I’m not to blame
Look at me!
I am not CIS
I am not neuro-same
I am not A
Or B
There is something that I lack
I am wanting but there’s nothing wrong with me
I am depressed
And poorly dressed
And lately stressed
My head’s been messed
I am distressed
Not at my best
God knows, I may be possessed
Tune in for all the rest
Join my community

I am not you
Truth be told, I am not even me
I defy your labels
But call me “this” and “them” and “other”
Just don’t call me “that”
Or skinny
Or fat
Or we agree to disagree
But call me something
Or I will disappear
I have a whole alphabet from which you can choose
Just scramble the letters and I guarantee
I have that! That is me! Look at me!
Look! I am here!

Welcome to the Now
I am completely different but the same
As you
I have scars that are not yours
(though I’m sure that mine are worse)
We have all fought our wars
And our demons
Though different
are the same
(I'm not to blame)
Join my community of scars
And look at mine
And I will pretend to look at yours

I am brilliant, just so you know
and You are brilliant, too
I knew it all along
You are wise like me
Join my community
As long as you agree
We are different but alike
And nothing’s wrong
Except someone said something
That offended me
Join my community where we are all offended
And dignity upended
Take this quiz
To really understand yourself
And me
It will tell us all that is wrong
How we just don’t belong
And can blame it on our family
Or the government
Or the grade nine teacher
or the woman in the line up at the grocery store
or my ex’s wife who is a whore

Welcome to NOW
Someone did a thing
Quite boring
But here it goes:

my hyperbolic
Public livin’
Pretend there is a shit your givin'
Every pain we are relivin'
Right before your eyes

Just sign up here

My poetry book "Who Will Love the Crow" is now available on Amazon.

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Back when g+ was a party, I would ask for words for a poem and take 5 minutes to take those words and make a poem. I just found such a poem in my files. Lots of challenging words! epiphany, cacophony, luscious, prevaricates, zealous, apogee, advertisement, burden, biophilia, mosquito

Sleeping through a snow epiphany
Ignoring the cacophony of the rain
The rain
That prevaricates between zealous storm and
Sweet drench
Listen to that wet apogee
Cool. cold forgiveness
If ever there was one
An advertisement for the evolution of our togetherness
Beast and burden
The biophillia of our unity
My lover
My lover

My lover
Not my lover

Listen to the rain
Sleep through this slow epiphany

A comma splice walks into a bar, it has a drink and then leaves. 

I read frequently how artists and poets, in particular, are the voice of ages, speak in words of resistance, and throughout history lead (or at least indicate) the way forward.

I have not been that poet.

I like pretty words; I like to share the quiet place or the chaotic place, that is within us that pertains to the personal and individual, in a way that is personal. But what is "personal"?

I am reminded of Gloria Steinem's words "The personal is political". Do you now what that means?

It means that if you cannot personally find daycare, it is political. It means that if, personally, you can not afford healthcare, that is political, It means that if you personally cannot afford medicine for your children or yourself, that's political. It means if you cannot personally drink your water, it's political. It means if you personally are working hard yet cannot live off the wage given, it is political. It means that if you are personally being ripped off by loan companies, gouged by telecommunications companies, and pay higher prices for necessities to cover import taxes - THAT IS POLITICAL.

The personal is political in so many ways; in every way! In all ways.

SO, I decided to work on a poem, to be a voice of our times, and speak for the ages in the best way I can. No pretty words.

Ready. Set. Go. 

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I like this song - and so apropos 

+Sally Smith +amy campbell My Aunt Ada received your cards yesterday! You re-ignited her spirit - to find two more cards for her! She ordered me to make sure I thanked the wonderful people who were so kind! Thank you so much! 
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