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Google Glass and smartwatches in the workplace? Jonathan Cain explains 6 Privacy and Security concerns your wearable technology HR and IT policies should address:

#wearables   #wearabletech   #wearabletechnology   #privacyconcerns   #privacypolicy   #datasecurity  

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Does your Airbnb rental need to comply with Pool & Spa Safety laws for public pools? Matt Howsare explains how public accommodation facilities rules may apply to online rentals: #Airbnb #Airbnbpools #poolsafety  

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Mintz Levin attorney Jessica Catlow shares an important lesson on the ADA's reasonable accommodation requirements via the Goonan v. Federal Reserve Bank of New York case. 

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"Even if there is a scintilla of truth to this story -- and it is not out of the question – companies and consumers need to sit up, pay attention, and take action," Mintz Levin Privacy Attorney Cynthia Larose on the impact of the Great Russian Internet Heist.

Read more at +JD Supra Business Advisor 

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Monkey selfies spur a battle between Wikimedia and Photographer David Slater.

So, can a monkey own the rights to photos she took? If not, who does? Mintz Levin attorney Susan Neuberger Weller looks at each side's legal argument. 

#monkeyselfie  #copyright #photography #copyrightlaws

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Backoff Malware is the latest security threat to retailers. Mintz Levin attorney Jake Romero explains how it works and provides 4 tips to mitigate risk. 
#backoffmalware   #securitynews  

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Rare-earth magnet maker Zen Magnets throws down the gauntlet in recall battle, vowing to "combat the CPSC’s magnet prohibition until triumph, or until a glorious death of insolvency on the legal battlefield." Mintz Levin attorney Matthew Cohen provides an update on the case: 

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"An alleged antitrust conspiracy is not established simply by lumping ‘the defendants’ together," according to Judge Claude M. Hilton in his Memorandum Opinion on the dismissal of SawStop's antitrust suit.

Mintz Levin attorneys Helen Kim and Chuck Samuels explore the dismissal:

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#COPPA Update: In its recent update to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule, the FTC provided important information on verifiable parental consent. 

Mintz Levin attorney Julia Siripurapu discusses the implications:  

Jeremy Glaser of Mintz Levin's San Diego office discusses the outlook for venture capital in San Diego with Tom York of the San Diego Business Journal.
"There are lots and lots of great companies in San Diego, and we have a lot of well-trained entrepreneurs, a strong engineering history, so we have a lot of positives."
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