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Jen Tong (Mimming)
Helping people cause trouble with software since 2003
Helping people cause trouble with software since 2003


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An open source Google Cloud IAM authentication backend for HashiCorp Vault launched yesterday

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Video from live coding session 3 is up. With this, the animated-gif-making cloud function is pretty much done.

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TIL that ffmpeg is a great tool for simple video edits like cuts, concatenation, and swapping out audio tracks

And it can do a lot of this stuff without transcoding, which is super fast and preserves the original video quality.

I did my second 'live coding on Twitch' thing yesterday. It's really fun! Maybe soon I'll post about it before it happens :)

I accidentally ended up with a fidget spinner (via conference goodie bag)... and, I've already broken it by trying to make it faster.

I'm starting to dig deeper into information security, and I love learning from podcasts. Do any of you have any infosec podcasts you love?

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I wrote up a few tips for downloading lots of data with the Amazon Drive official sync client.

Final update on XP@DEFCON - Success!! I got hacked twice: once by network, once by USB. Less than I expected. Detailed writeup coming soon.

WinXP lappy spent a full day at defcon. No attacks over wifi, but I did find a lonely USB drive full that auto-ran a bunch of stuff.

Update on XP@DEFCON - one maybe pwnage at BSides. Also, been told that I made it a mini, mobile CTF, not a honeypot (because hidden emails)
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