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Jen Tong (Mimming)
Helping people cause trouble with software since 2003
Helping people cause trouble with software since 2003

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"A mind is born", a demo in 256 bytes! O_O Amazing

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So... looks like I have some plans for when I'm in Tokyo in a few weeks! :D

We want to applaud all the brave agents who submitted an audition video for the #AgentOlympiad

There was a total of 99 applicants: 52 Enlightened and 47 Resistance.

After reviewing all of the footage, we have selected the final list of Agents who have exceeded Akira’s expectations.

Without further ado, here is the official list of Agents who have proven themselves to be fit for Akira Tsukasa’s project:

+absolute 119966
+aCceEs '
+buchineko ぶちねこ
+Darkside Ingress (darkchaider)
+faker holic (fumiso)
+yucataso xxx (Gentildonna)
+Satoshi “j0c” Metaspect
+tetsuo takahashi (jaicat)
+KC135Ryback INGRESS
+Mameaki the spammer
+Jen Tong (mimming)
+Issei Ishii (nacky)
+OkinawaHiroT ENL
+yoshio ando (Ryuusui)
+Sakana Poisson
+Itonaga Naohiro (SielDragon)
+Sunny Chan (sunnythepooh)
+あいう SuperduperNyan
+新条拓那 (takuna0228)
+Agent Tomago
+umihanashinra 花
+Kengood Lo (usagik)
+ENL焼肉太郎 (YakinikuBBQ)
+Yota Tsukada (Yoooota)
+zeus take (zeustake)

+Acheufagais R
+Emily Zhang (BadWolf2014)
+Toshio Yanagi (Bondancer)
+chibika chan
+ebiten 0000
+masa naga (ecocide)
+遠留ふうせつ (Fusetsu)
+HowaEarth (howahowa46)
+JpLolo jplolo
+Kubota KBT48
+Kogorou Kitamoto
+Eric Altman Maniac15
+Mid night (MidnightBicycle)
+ブラッキー先生 MrBracky
+nenko Annen
+Nico 3257
+pippin atmark
+Tadashi NamizakiPISp
+rapturhythm Yoshitaka Taniwaki
+Kouhei Kawaguchi(Rosyseabass)
+ryu go! (Ryuuuugo)
+Miwa Komatsu (SANZAI)
+Johnny Lai (SharkGundam)
+sky walkar
+Hiroshi Tsujimura (tsupo)
+Vitzh ZS
+Yusuke SAKAKI (ysakaki)

Congratulations to the above Agents! Gear up! This event takes place at the marvelous Fuji-Q Highland amusement park in Yamanashi, Japan. Don’t worry, we’ll pick you up in Tokyo.
Please stay tuned for further details and instructions.

It takes great courage to prepare, create, and present yourself for the public to view. We thank you and congratulate you for your courageous effort. Because Agent Olympiad will be a part of the 13MAGNUS Anomaly series, ALL 99 agents who applied to this audition will receive the #13MAGNUSReawakens Medal.

The real battle is just getting started...

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Proof that you can solve any problem with science: Soma water filters put to the test

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Want to know how to make a memory leak in Java? Stack Overflow delivers. Also, what a weird interview question.

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Personal Info Spring Cleaning Part 2: Connected apps & sessions -

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SigFox vs LoRa, a comparison of a couple options for Low-Power Wide-Area Network deployments.

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Did I just film an audition video for a Japanese game show? Kind of... maybe... I don't actually know.

It's +Ingress' #AgentOlympiad, and the organizers haven't shared many details yet. I mean, what could go wrong? :)

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Here's a great blog post about the 640k barrier, why it existed, and the pain it caused. Computer history is cool :D

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Going on stage in 30 min for Zero to App, Android, Web, and iOS live coding talk. Here's the live stream: #io17

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TIL the gcloud command line interface has a --log-http flag, which is wonderfully useful for debugging.
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