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Internet Radio built with EasyAVR6, SmartMP3 and Serial Ethernet boards: Internet radio with ATmega644
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Browsing through YouTube videos we came across an interesting project done with mikroElektronika boards. A user of ours used his EasyAVR6, SmartMP3 and SerialEthernet boards to develop full-featured internet radio. According to the guy who built it, it's done using Atomthreads RTOS and his own TCP/IP stack. We invite you to check it out, and if we are lucky to get the answer from the author, we all might have this project available on Libstock soon!

Today old-fashion radio transmissions are less and less listened to because we have an amazing alternative - Internet Radio. You can choose from thousands of different radio channels and listen exactly what you want. Broadcasts are done from all over the globe, and search engines and filters help you to choose what kind of music you want to listen to, what talk-shows or news. You can choose to listen any radio station on any language.
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