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Mike Trobee
Hair Care | Handmade Pens | Photography |
Hair Care | Handmade Pens | Photography |



Discussion on all aspects of the beauty behind hair care products. Which ones worked for you?
 What hair type do you have?
 What hair concerns?
How did you solve your products?
 Maybe you have a recommendation for the best hair growth product. What works best for you for dry hair, oily hair, color treated hair?
Have at it post away


Retailers...don't self promote your products in any other category other than "Product Ads by Manufacturers or Retailers" if you do....
You will be banned quickly

Coming along with ....It is a work in progress. It has been awhile since I've built a site from scratch. It is a challenge to tie 3 seemingly disassociated passions together to be cohesive. Handmade pens - Photography - Hair Care Products. Makes perfect sense to me. :)
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5 Tips To Choose The Right Color Scheme For Your Website

Picking the wrong color combination for your website can affect your credibility negatively or even affect the way the customer sees you. For example, you may think you are designing for impact yet end up with an aggressive and closed effect that will convey the opposite of what you desire. So, before you go ahead and choose the colors, check out these 5 tips to choose the right color scheme for your website. The good thing is that these rules are easy and will give you what you are looking for without getting a headache.

Color Tip #1: Simple Does It

Color Tip #2: Use Your Brand Colors for Direction

Color Tip #3: Choose According to the Mood You Desire to Communicate

Read more at:

Infographic courtesy of +WebpageFX 
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Is this you?  Hope not!
#hairblogger   #haircare   #bbloggers   #writersblock  
Hair Bloggers | Place to Share
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The NEW Hair Formula 37 Top quality hair nutrition for the fastest hair growth possible!
#hair   #hairgrowth  #hairvitamins
Hair Formula 37
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Adding our logo for Hair Formula 37 brand hair vitamins available at
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