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Facebook's Site Governance Vote is over and the proposed changes will be put into place. What are the changes? We'll get into that in a second. Facebook required 30% of total users to vote against the proposal in order for the changes to be rejected. How many actually voted total? 668,500 or 0.066% of users.

Anyways, here's the changes that will go into affect:

-Remove ability to vote on future changes and instead collect feedback through a question-submission system and live webcasts.

-Facebook allowed to share data to and from its affiliates such as Instagram.

-Can change who can contact you through Messages.

-Able to clarify who can view your content after you’ve hid it on your Timeline.

The ability to share data to and from Instagram is interesting which means that they'll be able to better target ads once they do monetize. How do you feel about these changes?
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