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One more beta, R83. This fixes the notification saying SWM is disabled when wifi is just off, and actually implements aggressive Wi-Fi checking.

If this runs smoothly it'll likely be the next release; with the fixed up timer code it should be much less "weird".

New beta posted on google play!

This fixes a bunch of small random bugs, maybe addresses the problem in N where it turns on and stays on, and adds some new features:

- Ignore open networks. Open networks suck. Turn this on and SWM won't learn from them. This lets SWM coexist with open cable networks and with the google auto-VPN, if you use that.

- Use background Wi-Fi scanning. It's really hard to turn this off and have a reasonable system anymore, so it's not worth throwing an alert for. The devices I've tested don't send probe packets in background scan, and just do passive beacon collection, so there's no real disclosure risk. Since we have to have it on, we might as well use it - in background scan mode, SWM will remember the BSSID of APs you connect to and us that to determine when to turn on Wi-Fi.

For anyone who thought the tower-level mapping covered too wide a physical area, bgscan mode is for you - it won't activate wi-fi until you're literally in range of your specific AP.

The trade-off is that bgscan won't activate until Android decides to perform a scan. This is fairly regular, and appears to always happen when the device is turned on, so in my tests while it may be slightly slower to turn on Wi-Fi, it gets the job done fine. Hopefully it works the same for others in test.

Seems like on DP5 there's some spurious turn-on of Wi-Fi where it thinks you've used it somewhere nearby, but haven't.

I'm still trying to narrow it down, though, unfortunately.

It seems like things still work with the new N preview release, but I'll keep testing. Over all the differences from m to n seem less than the change from l to m. 

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+Tristan Fillmore I remember this killing your computer in the 90s...

R76 beta processing in the play store.

Does a more aggressive permissions check to make sure that we didn't lose permissions in the background (before an alarm fires, for instance), and fixes a UI loop if the permissions management system has decided we have to show the user an explanation for permissions.

Both of these are android 6 only issues.

I'm contemplating integrating the 'nearby' API to allow using Eddystone beacons as triggers for where you use wifi, instead of towers.

Of course, figuring out the UI would be the killer part of it, and making it make sense from that regard, but it might solve some problems for people who:

a) want higher precision than cell towers
b) are willing to buy a beacon

and I suppose

c) don't want to use GPS

I'm still hesitant to roll the gps geofencing in since it would take a lot more power, and is a lot less reliable once wifi is turned off and background scanning isn't available. Ha.

R70 in beta.  Fixes last known bugs, adds translations, disables broken translations, disables backup until the selective backup stuff is done.

If there are no issues w/ this over the next day or two this will become the next release.

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Had some sad times with the nexus 6, battery started bloating up so much it popped the screen off the front and back of the case off the back.

Google is shipping a new one under warranty, but not too thrilled at the instructions to "just wrap it in plastic" and ship it back in the same box.  Several attempts to convince the tech support people this maybe wasn't the best idea fell flat, so I guess I'll just order one of these off Amazon ( and ship it in that.  Google tech support is convinced it's a "dry cell device" and so long as the battery "isn't leaking fluid" it's fine....  Sigh.

(And yeah, I know the ground-shipping only restrictions on lithium in the US and all that, I'm more concerned about the already damaged device.)

Curious what peoples opinions are on android m auto backups...

Personally, I'm tempted to exclude SWM from them entirely - the database is in such constant flux with the age-out code that having to re-learn on a new device doesn't seem like a big deal, and I'd rather not export tower location history off-device.

Anyone got a compelling argument FOR enabling auto-backups once M becomes a thing?
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