Day 6 - The story of Chinese medicine.
On Day 6, I woke up feeling sick but I have used up all the Japanese cold medication I carried with me,...Still I wanted to go to the Temple of Heaven as planned but as usual in those tourist areas, there were so many people it was difficult to take any interesting photo. I just went to one corner and waited there hoping to catch a moment of quietness....The park is very big, but I did not walk around much. That day, I came back to the hotel early and finally they prepared the famous Peking duck for me! But unfortunately I was feeling more and more sick...In the restaurant, I started my mac book and said hi to my "China Support Team" ..."I feel sick" +Takashi Asao
"Do you have a fever of 38?" me, " I guess..." " Then you need to take some medication for fever" Me: "But I don't know what to buy...all they have are Chinese medications only..." Him:" I will look it up" Then I received a photo of a Chinese medication (SSS) in my gmail, Him:" I guess this should be ok, seems to be very popular among Japanese in china." Me, " I will go to buy it from the pharmacy across from the hotel." Now my hotel is right next to the Forbidden city, it is in the center of Beijing, not is some remote areas..but no, they don't have the medicine that was supposed to be most common..The pharmacist to me, "Take this one, this is similar to the one you are looking for." me:" no choice...ok, I will take it." Now after I went back to my room, I looked at the box carefully, it says, " adverse effect- Unknown" " risk-Unknown"...what does it means.......I turned my computer back on, back to my support team... +Brett Kenny " it means they have NEVER tested it" +jose j "Sound like you take it as your own risk, very scary.." +Katie Cheung ..."Let me ask my friend, her mum is a doctor in Beijing, she said to take XXX and YYY." me; " But I wanted to buy SSS, it seems to be popular and similar to some kampo in Japan." katie, " you only listen to him, not me, fine!..." Me " it is not that...the pharmacy does not have such medications, they shown me all the ones they have already." katie" why you cannot go to another one, go to a mall, go to a dept. store! " me, " I never went shopping at all...never walk inside a dept store, totally no interest...too tired, too sick...don't wanna go...I will just try this one I got..."
The next day, fever may be subsided but adverse effect of the Chinese Medicine is now known, I had severe diarrhea all day...maybe even 10 time to stop all medications...hehe...perhaps I can let the pharmaceutical company know about the possible adverse effect of their medication....
Oh, I nearly forgot to thank my China Support Team...!!!
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