Day 14- Part 2

It was a very big bus stop, totally on a different scale, I bought the ticket for 19 RMB for the Huang shan's main entrance, but the next bus would be 1.20 pm, so there goes my whole morning, completely wasted!!!!! I was so frustrated ! The bus finally came and took me up the mountain, now I could see the landscape, this was Huang shan finally!!! I changed to the cable car and bought the ticket together the admission ticket to the park , it was 310 RMB one way ( return would be another 80), 210RMB(25USD) for one day admission to the park for one person is quiet expansive. In US, I could pay 80USD to buy an annual pass for a car with admission to all national parks, and in Japan, many national park are even free...

By the time I got up to the top, it was almost 2.30 pm and the last cable car was 4.30 pm, now I must start hiking as fast as I could to cover as many areas as possible in 2 hours. I looked at the map and found a route that I could cover within the given time period, and I must time myself carefully when I take picture to make sure I would not stay in one spot for too long. " Would you take a picture for me?" Someone said to me in English, " I turned around and found a tall blond guy holding his camera out to me, somehow I felt happy to see another tourist, at least, I think I would not be tricked once again.." would you go down the mountain today? we only have 1 hour and 30 mins left, we have to be careful with the timing" I pointed out the route to him, " perhaps we could go this way and return on time." We started hiking and taking pics together, he told me he is French and Dutch mixed, I was happy to know because I love France and have lived in Holland for 3 years, all of a sudden i felt like I met someone from my "home town" It seemed that he had taken the cable car to go to the other side of the peak and started walking over to this side, by 2 pm, 5 hours later, he had already reached his destination, so it was not like that loud woman told me, it does not take a whole day starting by 6 am, to walk from one side to the other side...everything she told me was not true.

I took as many pictures as I could within the short time period, by 4.20, we returned to the cable car, and we walked as fast as we could to take the connection bus because I was told the last bus to the town we were staying in leave by 5.30pm. But there were no bus at the bus stop...they said to go out to the street, my travel companion said, " I will run down to see if I could find a bus and hold it for you" since I was carrying my heavy camera bag, I could not run so fast..but there were also no bus outside. We stood by the corner and waited, again, we were surrounded by people telling us there's no more bus, that we should take a taxis back to our town, "Ignore all," he said to me, " Do not believe what they say, they always tell you no more bus" my companion seems to be more experienced than I am in this matter. A woman came over" how about I take you two and the other woman back to town for 40 RMB each? " Maybe if I were alone, I would agree, but he said to me, " you bargain for 30" I hate to bargain, so I said "70 for 2?" 10 RMB more than I was told to offer already, she said 80...I pointed at him and spoke in my horrible Chinese, " He does not agree..." My new friend was very determined to take the bus, every single bus that drove by, he waved at them, I said, " but these are tour buses..."he said, " I will stop any bus" oh, perhaps, it is something i should learn, to be so determined. Finally I saw something that looked like a public bus coming, " A BUS!!!!" we screamed, he ran all the way to stop the bus, we got on, but there were no seat, they took out some small wooden stools for us to sit down, I turned and smiled at my companion, " this is some unforgettable experience!"

After I got back to the hotel, it was almost 8 pm, I went down to the restaurant attached to the hotel to eat, it is a very big restaurant with 4 floors. There is no menu, you have to select the food and place order on the first floor. They place raw food and cooked food in big iron pot and you select from there, then you place the order, and they would take you to a table on the upper floor to have your meal. The night before, I ordered a whole peking duck to eat by myself, this is the problem of traveling alone, no one to share the food with...but tonight, there were hardly any food left, some fatty pork? no thanks..." There's nothing I can about some veggies" "But we sold out all..." " Tofu ?" no more...then the very nice girl asked me" would you like some noodles?" " but no such thing on the menu..." I will ask for you?" she called the kitchen, " can you please make her some noodles, she has nothing to eat! please, she is alone, please!! " Finally, after repeated bagging on her part, they agreed, they took me up to a nice table to sit down, Oh my God, the noodle came, it was so huge, like for 4 people or more!!! how can I eat so much!!???? it taste like Japanese Ramen....the woman from the next table " I want to order her noodles! " Waitress, " no such thing on the menu" " But she is eating....." " Oh, we sold out!" the woman came over to me, stared at my noodles, " it is noodles, isn't it? taste good...." I wanted to say, " would you like to have mine....? It's way too much for me to eat......" oh, and this BIG bowl of Ramen cost only 18 RMB...about 2 USD...200 yen..They are soooo nice to me...:)
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