Dreams of France (日本語↓) 夢のフランス
友情の木々 The trees of Friendship

When I was editing my photos, I saw the picture of these two trees, I asked myself, why did I leave two trees in rather than the composition I normally like- a lone tree...should I crop this photo? I sat in front of my Mac for a while starring at this photo, I then decided that I prefer these 2 trees together but a part..I felt a bit sad but then I smiled, I am contented with this photo because it tells a story, and tonight, I will tell you a story of friendship.

His name is Kayu, a boy I have met in 2007 on Facebook playing the Blood games. I have never chat with him or exchange message with him, in fact, I know nothing about him until one day I have posted some photos of my figures collection. Kayu wrote to me and he asked, " do you know the name of the green elf? I want to write a story about her." I replied to Kayu and asked, " perhaps when you are done, you can let me read your story." Kayu then told me, " but I am afraid my english is not good enough, I will be writing in Norwegian, my native language." We exchanged a few messages, I found out that Kayu is an Asian boy born and grew up in a small town in Norway, at the time we met, he was in his last year of High school.

For the last 5 years, Kayu and I would occasionally exchanged messages on Facebook, although he is much younger than me, I feel very comfortable talking with him.
Kayu would tell me about his school, his friends, his parents, and I would talked about my work, my friends, and some problems I encountered over the years. Rather than calling me sister, or older sister, Kayu likes to call me sweetie, which I in return found it very sweet. Although sometimes we may not "talk" for months, I know Kayu would always be there and he will reply me promptly should I need to talk or ask him something. I remember during the earthquake last year, Kayu sent me a message " Are you all right, sweetie, I am worried about you, please be ok." and I in return after reading about the shooting in Norway, sent him a message" Please let me know you are all right, I am so worried.." he wrote back immediately " Oh, sweetie, you are worried about me, I am ok."

I have not contacted Kayu maybe for over half a year, last night, I wrote him asking for help with marketing research for my work, Kayu replied to me immediately, the high school boy I met 5 years ago is now about to graduate from university. I asked Kayu how is he doing, he told me he is a bit troubled by some relationship problems.
We started exchanging messages, I wanted to comfort him but I did not know how to, it seems that this 22 years old boy is mature beyond his years. Rather than me trying to counsel him, Kayu sensed that I was a bit down and offered me his understanding and support instead. He said to me, " I think you could understand me, we are the same type of people, friendship is upmost important to us, even with love, love must be built upon friendship for without friendship, love is only lust." I replied back to Kayu, " I know how you feel, I do hope you think of me as a friend although we have never met." Kayu said to me, " Would some random strangers care about you and spent time listening to you when you are down? perhaps you are more than a random stranger to me..." I replied with one word only, " buddy..." Kayu said.." sweetie, smile.."

At that moment, I felt tears swell up in my eyes, although we have never met and only exchange messages on occasions, this little boy cares about me, perhaps it is all what friendship is about. You do not become friends with someone because you know them for a long time or because you see them everyday or what they can do for you or offer you, you become friends with them because they can see into your heart when others cannot, because they can feel your happiness and your pain and let you know that you are not alone. You know that they are your friend because you know no matter how sad or lonely you might feel, there is someone somewhere in this world who would care and listen to you more than a "random stranger". And it matters not whether you have met, how old he is, what he does, and where he lives, he is your friend because he can see into your soul and say, " I know we are the same kind, don't cry, sweetie !"

And here to my little friend, Kayu, wherever you maybe, "Thank you."


彼の名はカユといい、2007年にFacebookのオンラインゲームであるBlood Gameで出会いました。彼とはチャットしたこともメッセージを交換したこともありません、実際に、私は彼のことは私がある日私のフィギャーのコレクションの写真をアップするまでなにも知りませんでした。カユは、私のFacebookに「緑のエルフの名前をご存知ですか?彼女についての物語を書きたいと思っています。」と書き込みました。私はこう答えました「お話が完成したら、私に読ませてくれますか?」カユの答えは「私の英語はあまり良くないのです、私はこれを私の本来の言語であるノルウェー語で書いています。」何回かメッセージを交換した後、私はカユが小さなノルウェーの町で生まれ育ったアジア系の男の子で、彼はその頃は高校の最後の年でした。


私たちはメッセージを交換し始め、彼を慰めたかったのですが、この22歳の男の子は彼の年齢よりも人格的に成熟していました。彼に助言しようと思ったのですが、カユは私が少し落ちこんでいるのを感づいて彼は代わりに理解し支援してくれようとしました。彼は私に「私はあなたが私を理解することができたと思います、我々は同じタイプの人間であり、友情も愛をもって、私たちにとって一番の重要であり、愛は友情なしの友情に基づいて構築されている必要があり、愛は唯一の欲望です。」と言いました。私は彼に「私はあなたがどのように感じているかを知っていると思います。私たちは会ったことはありませんが、あなたが私を友人として考えるてくれることを願っています。」と言いました。カユは、「どこかの見知らぬ人があなたのことを気にし、あなたが落ち込んでいる時に時間を割いて話を聞いてくれると思いますか? 多分あなたは私にとって見知らぬ他人以上のものなのです・・・」と言い、私は彼に一言「相棒」と返事し、彼は「スウィティー、笑顔でいたください」と言いました。



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