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I want to walk with you to the end of the world
where we could hold eternity in the palm of our hands
let the golden rays at dawn shine upon our faces
immerse our souls in the gentle breeze
that accompany us every step of the way
as we embark on a journey to the land of imagination
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Splendid sky, texture and colours, Midori !
写真と文章のシンクロ感がすばらしいですね。昔、FM東京で放送していたjet streamのようです。
Did you took this pic in Japan? Anyway It's so gorgeous landscape! ;-)
+Takashi Asao 褒めていただきありがとうございます。Jet Streamってどのような番組なのでしょう..
+Hidetaka Onoyama Thank you!! onoyama san...the album is south west (of USA)...:p, this was taken in Death Valley last softbank 3G is soooo slow all of a sudden...:(
OoO! aweeesome! this is so beautiful~ i'm totally speechless...thank you for sharing this awesome picture +midori chan . So cool~
Beautiful as ever midori, thank you;-}
+Takashi Asao 今しがたジェットストリーム(夜間飛行)城達也を見てきました。とれも綺麗で詩的です。お勧めていただきましてありがとうございます。Takashisさんが私の写真や文章を綺麗で詩的だと思ってくれているようなので嬉しいです。
+Hidetaka Onoyama +Takashi Asao I am using my new softbank pocket wifi for my computer, but I only know how to connect using 3G, do you know how to switch to wifi?
onoyama san...I just upgraded to iphone 4S with 2 years contract...:p
+Hidetaka Onoyama no..just to switch to softbank or emobile wifi, I have password, but don't know how to use the device and it has no menu.....maybe call support tomorrow...:p... thanks anyway!! Now the 3G is ok...:)
+midori chan I'm sorry, midori san. I'm using WiMax Router or Docomo's mobile router. If I was there, maybe I could help you... I hope you can solve the problem tomorrow. :-)
+Hidetaka Onoyama Thank you, Onoyama san...I almost got WiMax too but after all, chose softbank, or else I could ask you:) Thanks anyway!
what a nature... this is my first looked the nature in adorable color was in your picture ... how beautiful picture ... nature in soft.. i always used this spread color for my work... thank you for sharing..
your name should definitely be +midori chan to imagine Death Valley in such colors! beautiful words for this land of imagination of yours ... you take us along, thank you!
+Mariana Bondila it was sunrise and I was the first person taking pics at this spot..after being greeted by a Coyote..:)...thanks!!
so sweet..this is that part i really live..may be imaginary..but holds the reality in it!!!
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