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I create the most appreciated and effective mind movies for a true positive change.
I create the most appreciated and effective mind movies for a true positive change.

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The subconscious mind is running your life for 95% minimum. Positive thinking influences your life for only 5% max. Reprogramming your subconscious mind positively is much more powerful and effective than positive thinking.

To create a wonderful life it is very important to release negative feelings such as fears, traumas, regrets, resentment, grudges and so on and to rid yourself of your negative programs and change them into positive ones in order to allow yourself to attract positive life experiences. The healing will also automatically work on your parents and at least 3 generations of your descendants. When you heal yourself, your children will also benefit from that.

Your brain is incredibly smart. Your brain has the ability to rapidly download a huge amount of behaviors and beliefs into your memory. Children in the age of 2-6 are mostly in a Theta brainwave state. This low frequency brainwave is a programmable state. That is why the children at this age are capable to download an incredible volume of information. Most of your programs are formed in your childhood and are still affecting and controlling you in your life.

You are programmed in the way you think, feel, believe, behave and perform through your own perceptions of your life experiences, but also genetically, through your ancestors. Your subconscious mind is a powerful information processor that runs its programs autopilot and controls more than 95% of your life.

Not all programs are serving and supporting you in reaching your desired goals. You cannot change your programs by talking to it. You are stuck with your patterns and programs until you access your subconscious mind to change these negative and limiting hard wired programs.

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Reprogram Your Subconscious For Financial Success

What if you've always been a wealthy person, no matter how you've felt in the past, what if it's true that everything you thought about yourself in the past was wrong when it came to money? And in fact, you're feeling wealthy now, everyone like you can feel wealthy, and you can think of a time in the past when you feel really, really wealthy, when you feel prosperous. Everyone has times like this. Now I'd like you to think of that time when you feel really wealthy and begin to notice wealth all around you, notice the billions and billions and billions all around you, and businesses, the buildings, everywhere all around you is wealth. You are literally swimming in a sea of wealth, it surrounds you all day and all night. Every day of your life, wealth and prosperity is the order for the day, it is the essential theme in your life, because you are surrounded by it constantly: airplanes, hotels, buildings, cars, boats. And it's funny that the things that surround us all the time have a way of working deep into our subconscious and becoming a part of us, and that's how you can understand that you have always been a wealthy person and you'll always be a wealthy person. Because this wealth has rooted itself into your mind, deep into your mind, deeper, and you become to feel rich.
Think about this question: When you're feeling wealthy, how do you know you are wealthy? What tells you, you are wealthy? When income is coming to you from different sources, in different amounts, from different places, and even if sometimes in the past, the numbers weren't flowing the right way for you, you can see now, that through it all, you will always be a rich person. In fact, you can call yourself a cash magnet. You've had money all your life, because attracting money is what you do, and even more deep inside your mind, you have the ability to create more and more wealth, as you're getting richer and richer on a deeper and deeper level, whenever you feel you're getting richer, more and more money is on the way to you. How do you know you're getting rich? What tells you, you are wealthy? Right now you can just take a picture in your mind of you feeling very, very rich, press that PLAY button and let a deeper part of your mind say: I am a wealthy person! Whenever you're feeling rich, you can get that image in your mind and press PLAY.

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This subconscious reprogramming tool works like our other Law Of Attraction subliminals, except that this one focuses totally on the attraction of money. Our powerful subliminal messages work by aligning your subconscious mind to your conscious goals of attracting money and prosperity into your life. This means that not only are your conscious thoughts, actions, and behaviors all working towards your goals of prosperity, but your subconscious mind is focused on attracting money too - boosting the energy you are directing to manifest your wishes and maximizing the returns!

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This is a request from Keith McCaslyn. The background music and soundtrack were totally modified. I captured the nature effects of a storm coming while walking in a rainforest. I also added money count subtle sounds. The track is filled with binaural beats - 12 Hz Pure Alpha and 15 Hz Pure Beta Brainwaves. A discreet melody is playing together with all those wonderful sounds, creating a soothing, calming experience while visually meditating at huge piles of US Dollars. Expect the best from this program! Expect to manifest endless cash flow while and after practicing this powerful meditation!

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I want to let you know, you can absolutely live the life of your dreams. There is no doubt about this. It is simple, though it is not easy. Creating your ideal world takes serious thought, dedication and focus.

This ability to attract people, places and things is known as manifestation. You must be deliberate and precise about what you want. You must be willing to make tough choices. Your conscious and subconscious must stay in alignment with what your dreams and desires really are. This may mean that you give up people, places and things in order to bring the most choice people, places and things into your world. Manifestation will test your determination. It will test your commitment to building the life that you want. But, if you stay focused, you will find yourself living the fairytale of your making.

It is important to understand that you are manifesting your surroundings whether you realize it or not. Your subconscious is busy, and what it desires is what your world will consist of. While your mind can help you implement a plan, your mind holds no power over creation, your feelings are the true language of fabrication. Our emotions are our connection to our subconscious. The sooner you become very aware and intimate with your feelings, the quicker you will be on your way to creating the life you desire.

All thoughts are available to you. We are all part of the Universal Mind. You are guaranteed that any thought you have had, has been thought before. This is great news because this means that the pool of genius that you can pull from is unlimited. Do not allow your dreams to be limited because you think you are not smart enough, rich enough, clever enough, good looking enough. Whatever it is, you are just as worthy and likely to have what you desire as anyone who ever has or ever will live.

This is your life and you deserve to live it in a way that brings you joy and peace. While you are thinking about your perfect world, let your imagination run wild. No one can read your thoughts. Have the courage to think of things being drastically different than they are. Be brave enough to be uncomfortable. The greater the disparity between where you are and where you want to be, the more uncomfortable you will be. But it is necessary to allow yourself to sit in a place of discomfort.

Think and be very careful about your thoughts and what you say, because the subconscious mind will take it as a command and will do whatever it can to realize it, meaning to bring it into your reality, which is manifesting. But it takes repetitions of a thought that the subconscious mind is getting active.

We all know that we think in pictures. A thought and/or spoken word is connected with a specific picture and the picture activates a certain feeling. Thoughts and feelings is the same. When you feel great, you think positive thoughts. When you think positive thoughts you feel great. The feeling activates a certain frequency of vibration. The feeling is understood by the subconscious mind. The frequency of vibration attracts things and people with the same frequency of vibration and drives away things and people with a different frequency of vibration.

Everything we perceive, even our bodies, consists of particles. They sometimes change into waves. Waves are making an interference pattern. Particles make dots and can also make interference patterns. Particles vibrate and it depends on the frequency of vibration to what it is formed. The particles that make up a human body vibrate differently as particles of a mountain.

If you can’t get yourself into the frequency of vibration of what you want to attract, the law of attraction does not function. A certain thought activates a certain feeling, which activates a certain frequency of vibration. What kind of feeling is activated seeing or thinking of a specific picture can be different for each person.

Thinking about what you want is the first step of the manifestation process. Every moment you spend thinking about what you want and making plans will help you manifest.

If you have thoughts that contradict your desires and plans, your manifesting efforts will not lead to the awaited result. If you plan to start an online business, but you can’t imagine that this will ever work out, then it will not work out. 

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Watch the demo here:

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Does it feel like there is something missing in your life? Do you sometimes think that you are capable of so much more, but just don’t seem to have the motivation to get there? How often does it occur to you that your efforts could produce spectacular results if you just tried a little harder? Achieving our personal best and living up to our potential is something that we all deserve. So then, why are we hindered? What holds us back from achieving our true potential?

Insecurities, doubt, discouraging people, or traumatic events can all lead us down the path of just doing “enough” to get by in life. Sometimes we may even hold back because we dread being in the spotlight or looking like a show-off.

Other times we may not even be aware of our potential because we’ve been told we’re not good enough, or we fear failure so greatly that we simply don’t apply ourselves. It’s a sad reality. The fact is that so many of us never reach our true potential for one of these reasons or another. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine what it would be like to unlock hidden talents and improve your natural abilities. Believe in yourself and feel proud of your accomplishments. No longer wonder what would have happened if you just tried a little harder.

Achieving your potential is what you were meant to do. You natural abilities are yours to be explored and improved upon.

Unlock your highest potential and become limitless through the use of this visual meditation. Just like the drug NZT, this session will help you to unlock your hidden potential to become the person you have always wanted to be. Your mind will become clear and you will know where you want to go in life and the steps you have to take to get there. You will dare to fix purposes that you might have thought impossible to achieve in a lifetime.

Once the positive beliefs and attitudes are operating in your subconscious mind, they will automatically work to create corresponding outcomes in your life. Your subconscious mind is much like an auto-pilot on an airplane that keeps it on course in the way it has been programmed. If the auto-pilot was programmed to take the plane into a mountain that is exactly what it would do. Your subconscious mind takes you in the direction it is programmed, and that can be either positive or negative.

This subconscious reprogramming tool will guide you into a deep state of relaxed suggestibility. This means your subconscious mind will be open to the positive suggestions embedded in this video. Repeated use of this video will allow these suggestions to sink deeply into your subconscious mind and take root. After a few weeks or months you will begin to notice positive changes in your life, your surroundings and your outlook.

To get the full benefits out of these sessions it is imperative that you read and follow a few simple instructions first.

1. Find a place to lie down and relax in where you won’t be disturbed.

2. Listen to with headphones on.

3. Try to listen to the session twice a day. The best times are before you sleep at night and on waking in the morning.

4. Even if you can't create in your mind positive visualizations of what you want, this session still remain effective because of the powerful footage selected to help you focus on everything good for your perfect lifestyle.

5. Use everyday twice a day for a period of 4 weeks. After that - as little or as often as you need.

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You are entirely the creator of your reality. Not just partly - all of it. You create it with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Original version:

What's new? The supraliminal written affirmations have been replaced with subliminal ones, as one of my subscribers suggested. The soundtrack is slightly modified with a touch of a Ganzfeld effect background and the image is cleaner (more contrast added).

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There are seven chakras in our bodies and the pineal gland is the 6th one. All of the chakras should be balanced for the optimal performance of the body and the mind. Pineal gland activation will help the 6-th chakra reach its potential, which includes clairvoyance, psychic abilities, imagination, and dreaming.

A person who has achieved pineal gland activation will experience increased psychic awareness and psychic talents. Some people believe that supernatural powers will be initiated with pineal gland activation.

Other benefits of pineal gland activation include telepathy and a greater level of perceptiveness that can go beyond this three dimensional world. There are three crystals in the pineal gland which help with this ability of visionary capacity. The three crystals are apatite, calcite, and magnetite. Apatite helps with inspiration, spiritual oneness, and psychic enhancement, while calcite is for the expansion of ones powers. Magnetite aids with mediation, visionary purpose, and establishing our experiences in the physical world. Together, all these three crystals create a cosmic antennae, which aids the transfer of signals between the different dimensional planes.

If all these benefits sound like something you want to experience, the next step is to learn how to achieve pineal gland activation. The most important step in activating the pineal gland is to raise the frequency in the body. This can be done through meditation, visualization yoga, chanting, dancing, drum sounds, Thai-Chi postures, Qigong positions, and using stereo grams. Any of these methods will open the third eye (the pineal gland) and help you to be able to see beyond the physical world. This process takes practice - with practice, you will be able to do this faster and more often.

Close your eyes and relax. Keep a steady posture with a straight spine and start observing your thoughts. You need to reduce your mind's chatter. If you do not have the Brow chakra fully activated go back to that until you do. If fear or doubts arise, you are not ready. Find out what you are afraid of and become conscious of it. When you are done, give out gratitude from your heart, for everything.

The pineal gland, no larger than a pea, sits within the center of the brain, and at the center of much discussion about human kinds connection to the higher realm. It is the only part of the brain not separated from the body by the blood-brain barrier.

As we evolve as multidimensional beings, the piezoelectric calcite crystals of the pineal gland act as receivers of light and information.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new.

Why seek the star when you are the star?

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Binaural beats for third eye activation and awakening with powerful brainwaves goes from Theta to Delta waves, inducing a powerful state of relaxation and deep meditation for third eye activation and opening. Stimulate your third eye with this binaural beat for spiritual awareness and psychic development. An opened third eye will allow you to connect with your spirituality and psychic abilities and it will act as a window to the spiritual realm. The third eye (Ajna chakra) is the sixth chakra in the 7 chakra system, and is the chakra connected to psychic abilities and spiritual awakening. It is located in the middle of the forehead between your eyebrows and is the non physical eye that sees what is impossible for the physical eyes to see. These binaural beats will help your stimulate the third eye. The frequency used for the Theta waves is 5Hz and for the Delta waves 2Hz, for deep meditation and relaxation to allow to enter a trance like state, where your consciousness will move from your physical body to your spiritual body and spiritual awareness.
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