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How dangerous can it be to look at your phone just for 2 seconds while driving.

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Fine della conversazione. Non si gioca con la vita.
Bob Lai
It doesn't have to be a conversation, or even a cell phone. A young man sideswiped my car a couple of years back, and he was flinching because a spider had dropped from the ceiling onto his leg*. $10K+ damage to my car, totalled his car.

Two seconds.

Fortunately, I'd taken 'two seconds' of my own to say one last thing to a friend, and was across the street when it happened.

*You don't have to believe the spider story. Sure, he did a ton of damage, but he was okay, I was okay, and his daughter (in a car seat in the back) was okay.
Put it away.  Pull over if it's important.
Yes, for whatever reason, that lapse in concentration or flinch can be very dangerous. 
Taking your eyes off the road......... can kill ya'
I am absolutely disgusted that the mum of a prolific texter was not blunt enough, when the texter was confronted.  My attitude towards texting while driving is more like that of Dr. Phil.  He asks the texter ("TEXTING WHILE DRIVING") to think seriously about her texting: "Are you that arrogant and self-absorbed that you would say, even with that [dirty] driving record, I'm going to continue to do this because I can?"  An anti-texting-while-driving PSA from the state of Victoria, Australia, adds: "When you're driving, a moment's distraction can lead to a lifetime of consequences.  So if you're on the phone, get off the road!" (TAC - Mobile (Australia)).
Google self driving car:  "So you can text while driving"
Seems to capture the situation so perfectly...
A sneeze takes your eyes off the road for about 2 seconds. You don't hear people blaming car accidents on sneezing. 
Bob Lai
+Daniel Oakley So if an involuntary reflex has the potential to cause a serious accident, how much better is it that we choose to look away from traffic and disregard the safe operation of a vehicle to text a friend?
And yesterday I saw a guy texting while riding his motorcycle....
Bad acting aside, that's a good way to get across an important message. Now, take that message into schools to drum it into kids before they drive and we may change attitudes.
Indeed it is and its the reason I don't use my mobile in the car without the headset
The problem is the ones who do this think they are the special ones who have the skills. Would they drive with their eyes shut for 5 seconds? No. But they think if their eyes are open and looking at a cell phone that makes them magical people who can drive "with their eyes closed."

This vid won't reach them.
Imagine how many accidents are caused because of billboards and other advertisements. Ban them all! 
It seems to me that the only way people ever stop doing what ever it is they do besides driving is to crash while they do it.
Ryan Ng
It's people like them that put us at risk
I never use my phone while driving and I always keep both hands on the wheel.
funniest thing i've seen recently was a film crew from a local station doing a story on distracted drivers. they did it live on one of the busiest streets in town at rush hour with a cop standing there getting interviewed about distracted driving. lol the dumbshits never bothered to think about or mention themselves as a distraction, when every car that went by was looking at the cop an camera. personally i believe cell phones should be illegal to use at all in a car. even built in ones are a distraction. think about it? ten years ago only a handful of folks even had the dam things, and now everyone thinks its thier right to run thier mouths and put others in danger. last wreck i was in an the other person was on the phone i made sure the cop put it in his report. so the judge would take it into account when dealing with this idiot that hit me. an he did, lol if that dumb bitch gets caught with a phone in a car she does a year in jail.  gotta love stupid people.
I took a driving safety course and the instructor said something that really stuck with me. It was "good drivers just drive."
I try not to use my phone while driving but its difficult task...but iam doing better....but now I catch myself using my phone anyways just to listen to music....
also i've noticed, on job sites if you get caught using a phone while operating a piece of machinery, you will be fired imediately. safety is a good thing. no matter where you are.
Great video. Yes, it only takes a second...
Sad but excellent portrayal of reality.  Thanks!
the whole thing made no sense whatsoever. but then again i`m deaf and the closed captioning "SUCKED". you paid for them why don`t YOU checked them?
Very dangerous I see the end results come through the ER door if they still live. Very sad
Good message and important! Please, please think about what your doing when your behind the wheel....your life and others just might depend on it.  Thanks for posting this.
I have to tell people who ride with me  to not even talk  to me while I am driving, That just looking away and back again is so dangerous!!
Its the individual that's at fault not some object.
I'm a truck driver there times I see at the least 100 people talking or text while driving 70mph all the while I'm right next to them with 43,000lbs of freight in my trailer not to mention the weight of the tractor grossing a total weight of 79,500lbs. Hang up and drive!
There have been cases where courts in the UK have found texting drivers who killed other road users guilty of "Causing death by dangerous driving" (Section 1 of that country's Road Traffic Act).  The maximum penalty for a conviction of that offence, prison-wise, is 14 years (whether the offence took place in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, although different rules may apply to the Channel Islands).  The minimum driving ban is, from the date of any such conviction, 2 years (  If the driver is convicted of an equivalent offence in Isle of Man or Republic of Ireland, he or she will be disqualified from driving in Northern Ireland and Great Britain, given traffic violations reciprocity arrangements (for criminal traffic offences, between the Isle of Man and the UK proper, and between Ireland and the UK proper [with the latter arrangement due to the signing, by the British, Northern Irish and Irish governments, of a European Union-wide Convention on Driving Disqualifications {not, alas, yet in effect elsewhere in the EU}]).  An conviction, handed down by a Republic of Ireland court of law, for the local equivalent of UK RTA Section 1, will result in a mandatory minimum driving ban of 5 years from the date of conviction (  I believe it is time for more jurisdictions to slap tough penalties on those drivers convicted of killing or injuring someone via using a handheld phone while driving, including making it easier to convict such offenders of dangerous driving causing bodily harm or death in those circumstances. 
Cool like how it was do, but could of been more dramatic. Car comming threw movie screen or wall,that would of been the ultimate scream ever.
+Bob Lai I was pulled over for driving erraticly the spider was on the steering wheel. The trooper killed the spider for me and did not give me a ticket !
Bob Lai
+amy campbell Exactly. I have friends who are extremely arachnophobic, and I've had a surprise or two from eight-legged friends myself. 
I had a wasp go in the car once... now that was interesting.. luckily there was somewhere to pull over. 
Sure makes you think !!
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