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When did you last buy a new mobile phone and what was it 

Mobile phone sales fell in 2012, suggests study

Gartner said Samsung was the bestselling mobile manufacturer, accounting for 22% of all sales
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Global sales of mobile phones fell in 2012 compared with the previous year, according to a report from research company Gartner.

It said 1.75 billion handsets had been bought, marking a 1.7% decline.

Analysts at the firm suggested "tough economic conditions" had been partly responsible for the drop.
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iphone 3- skipped the 4 to wait for the 5 and now I wish the 5 was iPhone but I am actually going to take a good look at the new Blackberry.
Ah ,so you are one of the people waiting, I think many people are. 
Blackberry +Brian Guest ?  Does it have that small keyboard, not for me .. 
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