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I'm looking for a good CRM package

We use Asana for tasks, Evernote for documentation/notes and Dropbox for files, and those work great.  However, our client status is kind of a hybrid of all three -- some "call steve next Tuesday" tasks in Asana, notes about the last call in Evernote, etc, and I worry that some potential clients may fall through the cracks.

We plan to keep using those products for their intended uses, so I don't need some 50-in-1 CRM product.  I really just want to be able to do three things:

1 -- Allow any of our staff to post a note about the client ("called on 2/14/13, talked about xx").
2 -- Notify us of reminders (the "call steve" kind of tasks).
3 -- Set up some kind of automatic ping every month or so.  If no new info was added for a client, notify us so that we can follow back up, check in with them, etc.

It needs to be web based.  A mobile app would be nice, but isn't required.

Most products that I find are either missing some of those features, or try to do way too much.  I don't want task lists and that kind of stuff -- just clean CRM.  Anything out there like that?
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One good choice, SugarCRM. It's Open Source and fully extensible with minor PHP tweaks. You can install it on your own server and make it accessible from the Internet. I run mine on a VMware machine (Windows based) at home. Bitnami has a full stack installer. 

Plus I have Sugar connected to my marketing automation system with full two way sync. There are a bunch of plugins though it's not quite a smooth an experience as WordPress.

It runs fine on a iPad, sometimes I even access it on my iPhone in a pinch.
Mickey, we seem to do a lot of things similarly. You've got me thinking (please stop)! If you're just wanting something simple, you could build this on WordPress, and/or use something that's already out there like: Then create a couple plugins to integrate it with Evernote and Asana via their API's. That way you could associate an Asana tag (or project), and an Evernote tag (or notebook) with each customer, and have it display tasks, notes, etc, in the "client/contact history". That way it would bring the various tools you use together around your customers.... Just a thought that would work well for us too.
I've not used it. It was just the only one I found in a quick search for plugins that was up to date. Seems like you could do similar to it's functionality using custom post types, then add a few specific features, like you mentioned originally.
surprised no one posted Zoho

I used that years ago for next to nothing and they have been able to expand to many kinds of plugins that keep the CRM data relevant and reusable.
+Mickey Mellen - have you tried highrise by 37signals? Depends on your scale but might be a start.

Also do you know if asana supports offline? Like how do you use your task list when on a plane with no Internet?
+Larry Bailey I've been looking into Zoho.

+chris ronan I'm looking into Highrise as well.

One other that has caught my attention is Nutshell.  Still digging...
For an update, I'm spending some serious time with Nimble now.  Seems quite solid, and simple enough for my needs.  Still not sure, though.
I use, though it's more task and billing oriented than CRM. Perfect for what I do, and interfaces with Quickbooks.
Hi Mickey, i recommend you Social CRM and lead generation, where offer a powerful task managment for example you can create task directly from Gmail
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