I'm looking for a good CRM package

We use Asana for tasks, Evernote for documentation/notes and Dropbox for files, and those work great.  However, our client status is kind of a hybrid of all three -- some "call steve next Tuesday" tasks in Asana, notes about the last call in Evernote, etc, and I worry that some potential clients may fall through the cracks.

We plan to keep using those products for their intended uses, so I don't need some 50-in-1 CRM product.  I really just want to be able to do three things:

1 -- Allow any of our staff to post a note about the client ("called on 2/14/13, talked about xx").
2 -- Notify us of reminders (the "call steve" kind of tasks).
3 -- Set up some kind of automatic ping every month or so.  If no new info was added for a client, notify us so that we can follow back up, check in with them, etc.

It needs to be web based.  A mobile app would be nice, but isn't required.

Most products that I find are either missing some of those features, or try to do way too much.  I don't want task lists and that kind of stuff -- just clean CRM.  Anything out there like that?
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