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Goodbye, productivity for real!
Goodbye, productivity.

Wolfenstein 3D is being released as a free in-browser game by Bethesda Software to mark the 20th anniversary of the game’s release.

Wolfenstein 3D is considered one of the earliest first-person shooters, and the game that made the genre popular on PC.
In honor of Wolfenstein 3D's 20th anniversary, the game will be released for free to play in browser today.
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lol ya these reports don't need to be done today :P
I cannot understand why this would be blocked for people out of EU/Germany? All I see is Sorry, your IP address shows you are coming from a country that requires us to block access to this particular site.
Depictions of the Nazi swastika remains illegal in Germany. Therefore the game is banned. Has been for a long time.
Ah thnx you're right - had no idea since I'm not really German - but am living in Germany at the moment. Too bad ;-)
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