In preparing for WordCamp Atlanta 2013, I thought it'd be fun to see how many of the speakers for the event were on Google+.  Of the 44 speakers, 43 of them are!  (Joe Boydston being the lone holdout, if you're curious).

Of those 43, 31 have posted at least once, meaning 12 of them have yet to post anything (or at least anything public).  Good numbers, but I'm surprised so many have joined and not posted at least once

Of the 31 that have posted, 18 have posted at least one item this year so far.

Ultimately, there are a handful that post regularly and are great to interact with, including +Cliff Seal +John Saddington +Wade Kwon +Evan Mullins +Lisa Richardson and +kimanzi constable.  Really, just grab the full circle below and see who starts showing up.

The full circle of 43 is below, and I encourage you to add it if you plan on attending WordCamp Atlanta 2013, so you can start to get to know some of these awesome folks.

Tickets are still available (but going fast!) so go grab yours today at:
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