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Here's the data I was looking for in my previous post.  As I suspected, most people copy/paste rather than using the "share" icons on sites.  I still wonder what percent of those copy/pastes were inspired by the share buttons, but that'd be a harder one to track. :)

Thanks +Christian Caldwell for sending over this post!
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Are the share buttons not being placed in the correct place? Most convenient place? Are the share buttons lost in all the affiliate advertising on blogs??? :)  I always look for the share button first.
+Jenna Mills Digging into the reasons is certainly a valuable exercise, and I'm curious what others have to say.  For me, I'm simply never sure exactly what the buttons will do, so I copy/paste to more precisely control the outcome.
There was a lot of discussion about this last week. It is my impression that the issue is about control. As Mickey mentioned in the comments of the previous post, most people want to control the way the share looks and reads and you can never tell what will happen when you click the share button. 
Interesting. If I choose the Twitter share button it never seems to shorten the url, so I copy from that dialog box and will paste into tweetdeck so that the url will shorten. Otherwise I use the share buttons for g+, fb and LinkedIn for the reason that I don't want to have to retype a title. What exactly are people copying? 
Great question +Jenna Mills . I tend to copy and paste the headline, add my part and paste in the shortened link. It means more clicks, but the comfort of knowing how I'm presenting myself is more valuable to me.
If survey was done on Business Insider users only, then I'm not surprised that email is the most popular am amongst business users...
I think people generally don't trust share buttons. Maybe they think they are ads or are not logged into to other services as much as they are their email.

Why is pinterest in the key when it's not really visible? 
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