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I was hoping they'd do this with Google Drive and Chrome OS. Soon, Chrome OS will essentially have file access via Google Drive, which should make it a much more viable operating system.
MikeatWired writes "Google will tightly integrate its new Google Drive online storage service with an upcoming version of its Chrome OS operating system, says Sundar Pichai, who oversees development o...
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I assume if you use Chrome OS, then you depend on Google Docs? Well, if so then you had best upgrade your storage ASAP!!

Given the fact I've been a Google Docs (and enterprise "Apps") user for years! Now to find out the hard way, that Google has more than doubled my additional storage $$ rate, with the intro of Google Drive!!

I've been needing to increase my storage amount for some time; I currently utilize the $20 per yr. for 80GB; now I find Google has MORE THAN DOUBLED the price I would pay per year for 200GB of storage!!! From $50 per yr. to $10 per month (= $120 per yr.!) NICE!

I have been doing the 80GB per year for several years, but had only recently reached it's limits; was a bit hesitant to upgrade given the fact the next tier was 2-1/2x times more; now I realize instead of storage getting cheaper, (as I assumed would be the case in the near future) Google went the other direction! Very unexpected "future"!!

Way to treat your loyal "Docs" customers well...
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