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I have a friend who lives on "Anarchist Standard Time," which is his way of saying, "Screw you, I'll get there when I get there." 

I treat him accordingly.
ooops sorry I was late with this comment... ;-)
My son learned to appreciate timeliness as I used to pick him up from school. Despite the 40 minute commute my time window was only a few minutes. For him I was "late" when he needed to wait 3 minutes. 
My dad us that if we were anything less than 15 minutes early, we were late.  It's taken me years to get to the point where I feel fine showing up only 5 minutes early!
As kids, we were never late for church, but all else was "I'll get there when I get there." Not a high standard. Now that my mother is 80, she's a half hour early to everything. There's hope for me yet. ;)
There's an old Navy saying "Hurry up and wait " I've been retired almost 10 years now and I still have anxiety issues if I'm later than 15 minutes early.
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