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Making Asana work as a CRM

We've been again digging for a good CRM solution, and we're back to maybe just trying to get Asana to do the job for us.  There are a few ways to do it (separate workspace? separate project?), but here's where I've landed for now and I'm starting to build it out.  I'd love to get your thoughts on it.

1 -- No new workspace.
2 -- A new project called "CRM".
3 -- In it are tasks for various new clients we're working with.  That task contains notes, actions, contact info, etc.
4 -- If we've been working with a client for a while already, they should already have a project with their name on it.  In that case, we simply put an "INFO" task at the top of their project with this same kind of information.
5 -- When a lead becomes a client, or at least when we have tasks to complete for them, we create a new project for them, move the named task out of the "CRM" project and call it "INFO" in their project.

I think it'll work fairly well, but I'm still not sure.  My main concern in trying to get this in gear is to make sure we're keeping touches on our recent leads.  The main "CRM" project should help with that, and we'll continue to have that data accessible in the "INFO" task if/when they become a client.

Thoughts on this?  Should we roll with it, make a few tweaks, or start over with a different approach?
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I'd love to hear how it goes for you. Our CRM had been a few worksheets in a spreadsheet. +Kurt Francom took them and converted them into a couple projects. I don't deal with the sales funnel much, but maybe he can explain his approach, or comment on yours. 
Just posted to the discussion - quite in-depth and at-length - looking for CRM to compliment Asana and Freshbooks.  (We are clinical practice - once we field a new inquiry (~10/wk), then ~50% convert and become clients for anywhere from 2months to 2yrs and then they're handled by one clinician for the duration of their "life" with us.  Any finds?  Gotta get beyond iCloud with 4k contacts
+Kristian Ward We've bailed on it (as a CRM) for now. Contactually does a nice job for us there, though we still live in Asana for tasks...
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