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My post today over on +Green Mellen Media.
Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of, recently made a powerful statement that has a lot of people thinking.  According to Jason Fried at 37signals, Bezos said “people who were right a lot of time were people who often changed their minds“.  In other words, putting your foot down and refusing to view things from a new perspective will make you “wrong” more often than people that are willing to listen.  Here are a few examples.
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"Mostly from iPhone users." - Apple devices and their ecosystem rule! In design, in moving technology progressively and calculated forward. Once Linux is supported by the masses I'll be over there but until then, i'll be over here paying for the polished product and form factor that designers care about. Plus, I resell the snot out of the hardware and upgrade each and every time for next to nothing! I've calculated about $600's (original iPhone purchase + eBay fees) total across 5 iPhone upgrades.
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