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Are there are any studies that show what percent of users click the "share now" icons on a site vs sharing the content manually?  I personally never use those icons when I want to share a blog entry or funny pic or whatever -- I paste the link in to FB/Twitter/G+ and share it that way.

I'm curious if people use those often, if they're simply a good reminder to users that the content should be shared, of if they're largely useless.
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I rarely use them too.. unless I'm watching a video on youtube and notice the share button before I go through the whole copy/paste routine.
I tried one of those buttons once; didn't like it.
I'm always a bit nervous of exactly how it'll choose to post the item; I'd rather do it myself and be sure.  However, I'm wondering how many others use them.  There must be some stats on this somewhere, but I can't find them.
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